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The Luggage!

Welcome to Cobl (Common Oblivion)! If you downloaded Cobl for itself, then you'll find that it significantly enriches the world of Oblivion: new races, new books, new ingredients, new foods, etc. There are no quests, but you'll find the world a better and more interesting place in many small and large ways.


If on the other hand, you downloaded Cobl because some other mod required you do to so, then... You'll still find the world a more interesting place! But you'll also get the benefit of having multiple mods work better together, and be richer, more powerful mods in themselves.


Modders: This readme is geared for players. For the modders manual, see: Cobl Modders Manual.


Cobl Team



•  Capucine

•  Miss Onatopp



•  Babe

•  Corean

•  Kafeid

•  Ren

•  Saram

•  Soya

•  ThrottleKitty


Races (General)

•  bg2408 (Aureal, Mazken)

•  bg2408 (Integration, Balancing)

•  Scanti (Conformulator)

•  Wrye (Integration)


Hidden Elves

•  Ren (Original)

•  bg2408 (Balanced)



•  Luchaire (Original)

•  Nequam (Eyes)

•  jw0ollard

•  Kynetarse

•  bg2408 (Balanced)


Xivilai Race

•  Alien Slof (Original)

•  Eldroth

•  KafeiD

•  Kikaimegami

•  Kirel

•  Kivan

•  Madcat221

•  Orc

•  Ren

•  Scanti

•  ShadowJ

•  SickleYield

•  throttlekitty

•  Xmarksthespot

•  bg2408 (Balanced)



•  Veritas_Secreto

•  bg2408

•  Shawn5150



Cobl Clock

•  Haama

•  Tashira Ronin

•  Tekuromoto

•  Wrye


Death Handling

•  Scanner

•  Wrye



•  Haama

•  Scruggsy

•  Spookyfx


Hunger/Thirst Support

•  dewshine (foods through Cobl Filter Late)

•  ShadowWeir (OFM foods on dinner plate)

•  Wrye (Eating, Water Wells)


Inventory Tracker

•  Haama


Magic Tracker

•  Kyoma


Options Menu

•  Wrye


Poison Confirmation

•  Haama


Recipe Updater Engine

•  Haama


Misc Utilities/Signals

•  Haama

•  Scanner

•  Wrye



•  Texian (Water Meshes)



Alchemical Equipment

•  Daleth (Sorters)

•  Haama (Apparati, Sorters)

•  Waruddar (Apparati)

•  Wrye (Catalogs, Sorters)



•  Coleen (Farmers Market)

•  Tarnsman (Ayleid Coins)

•  Tarnsman (Beer!)

•  Tarnsman (Salmo)

•  Tarnsman (Tamrielic Ingredients)

•  Razorwing (Meshes)

•  Phaedra (Meshes)

•  Turgothh (Gem Dust)

•  Vacuity (Ayleid Items)

•  MEO (Meshes)

•  Cryptic Rain (Meshes)

•  Washington (Morrowind Drinks)


Lore Books

•  Bethsoft

•  Gez

•  MrDarkSim

•  Xui'al


Item Interchange

•  Vacuity


Misc. Features

•  Wrye (Grinders)

•  Wrye (Mage Altars)

•  Wrye (The Luggage)

•  johnguydude (mesh/texture)

•  ohmygawk (SI bugfix)



•  Madcat221, RDjeke (Ayleid Weapons)




•  Haama

•  Wrye


German Translation

•  ThreeD (Lead)

•  Suzie Q

•  Book Translations

•  Cato d..

•  Deepfighter

•  Katan

•  Lars

•  Ra'athim

•  Scanner

•  Xartas

•  ThreeD


Russian Translation

•  SvShu





•  Oblivion must be patched to version 1.2 for Cobl to work.

•  Cobl Races currently requires Shivering Isles. (Meshes and textures only.)


OBSE (Optional)

While Cobl does not require OBSE, it will provide some additional and enhanced functionality if OBSE is present. It will also make use of the Pluggy extension for OBSE if it is present. If you wish to install OBSE (and Pluggy), then the download links are:

•  OBSE at

•  Pluggy at TESNexus


Install as OMOD

The full Cobl package now includes OMOD conversion data, and so can be converted to an OMOD and installed through OBMM. Note that it's not completely automatic, and does require reading the instructions during the OBMM activation.


Install Files

•  Cobl X.XX

   The main part of Cobl is kept fairly small (about 11 Mb) and is named by the current version (e.g. "Cobl 1.52"). The archive is broken into several sub-packages, which are described below. To install, just copy the contents of each sub-package that you want into the Oblivion\Data directory. (Note: If you're using Bain, just check the sub-packages you like and then run "Install" on the package.)

•  Cobl U.UU to X.XX

   E.g. "Cobl 1.45 to 1.52". Files like this are for users who have a recent version of Cobl already installed. You can use it instead of the main install if your current version is U.UU (e.g. 1.45) or higher. The only advantage is that it's a smaller/faster download. Again, this is divided into subpackages, which are described below.)

•  Cobl Cosmetics Res 01

   This is the cosmetics/race resource file for Cobl. It's only needed if you're going to use Cobl Races! It's a little more complicated to install because it has several sub-directories. Copy/install the sub-directories that are relevant for you. The directories are named according to how you should install them. They are:

•  Install First

•  Install Next - IF using Exnem Bodies

•  Install Next - IF using FF Bodies

•  Install Next - IF using Robert's Male Bodies

   The first directory contains the base resource install. As the name says – install it first. The following directories contain replacements meshes and textures for various body mods. You should install ONLY the directories that match the body mods that you're currently using.


00 Cobl Core

This is the core part of Cobl. Be sure to install Cobl Main.esm and all of the resources. Note that if you're going to use Cobl Races, you'll also need to install Cobl Cosmetics Res 01 (separate download from same place you got Cobl).

•  Cobl Main.esm

•  Activate this. This is the core library of Cobl.

•  Cobl Glue.esp

•  Activate this. While Cobl Main.esm defines stuff, it's Cobl Glue that does most of the work of actually putting that stuff into Cyrodiil. Theoretically, you can run without this, but you would hardly see any Cobl stuff in the world if you didn't have it active.

•  Cobl Si.esp

•  Activate if Shivering Isles is installed. Adds Cobl items to Shivering Isles.

•  Cobl Tweaks.esp

•  Activate (unless directed otherwise) but load early.

•  Note: While Cobl Glue avoids making substantial changes to the world, Cobl Tweaks does tweak some things. Specifically, it modifies some creatures to include Lore Ingredients drops. If this interferes with other mods, you can disable Cobl Tweaks, load it before the other mods, and/or perhaps bash patch it to compatibility.

•  Note: FCOM already includes the functionality of Cobl Tweaks, and so FCOM users should not activate Cobl Tweaks.

•  Cobl Races.esp

•  Activate this if you want Cobl's expanded Race/Cosmetics options.

•  Order: Be sure to load after other mods that inadvertently alter races. (E.g. many companion mods.)

•  If you have several mods that make conflicting changes to races, you should probably use a Wrye Bash to resolve them.

•  See Cosmetics for more info.

•  Note that Cobl Races requires that Shivering Isles be installed/active.

•  Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.esp

•  Do not activate this mod! It can ONLY be used by merging it into the Bashed Patch!

•  Missing Masters: Most likely this mod has masters that are not available on your machine. As a result activating it results in a "Missing Masters" problem which will cause Oblivion to crash immediately on startup.

•  However, when Bash merges this into the bashed patch, it does a filtered merge which discards references to mods that you don't have active, thus avoiding the missing masters problem. (Which is why Wrye Bash is required.)

•  Adds foods from a number of mods to the Cobl Dinner Plate. Hence it is only useful if you're using a using a Cobl aware hunger mod. In addition, it will not function unless you also have OBSE 15 (or higher) installed and active.

•  Order: This mod should be just before the bashed patch in load order.


01 Balanced Races

•  Cobl Races - Balanced.esp

•  Activate this if you want Cobl's re-balanced races and birthsigns.

•  Note that this will change stats and abilities of vanilla races! Don't use it unless you want those changes!

•  Do not use CRB if you prefer vanilla race and birthsigns or if you're already using a different race re-balancing mod. (E.g bg2408's Race Balancing Project.)

•  See Cosmetics for more info.


01 Salmo the Baker

•  Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp

•  Salmo greatly improves Salmo the Baker in Skingrad, making many more foods available in his shop. For more info, see Salmo the Baker, Cobl.

•  However, if you develop CTDs while resting, sleeping or traveling at certain times of day, try deactivating Salmo to see if the problem goes away.

•  Note that even if you don't have Salmo the Baker installed, you'll still get his foods at other taverns and inns throughout Cyrodiil if Cobl Glue is installed.


01 TNR

These are Veritas Secreto's classic Tamriel NPCs revamped mods, but modified to include new hairs and eyes. Note that to use this, you must have Cobl Cosmetics Res 01 installed!

•  Cobl Races TNR.esp

•  If you use Wrye Bash, then you should use the Import NPC component of the Bashed Patch rather than activate this mod directly.

•  You should use this instead of TNR All Races.esp.

•  Cobl Races TNR SI.esp

•  Same as above, but for Shivering Isles characters.

•  This does not remove the helms of the SI Saints and Seducers.

•  You should use this instead of TNR -SI.esp.


02 Patches

These are patch mods. Install as needed.

•  Cobl Silent Equip Misc.esp

•  This removes the "You can't equip that!" message that you ordinarily get when you try to "equip" (click on) misc. items in your inventory. Which is useful since Cobl adds several such items (e.g. Options Menu, Dinner Plate).

•  This is rarely needed. Since Cobl Main.esm already does this, you'll only need this if: 1) some other mod overrides the setting, and 2) you're not using the Bashed Patch. (Bash Patch users can use the Tweak Settings part of the patch instead.)

•  OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp

•  Activate if OOO 1.32 or 1.33 is installed.

•  This esp adds some Cobl features to OOO (Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul). Several creatures and NPCs are given appropriate ingredient drops (Glass Golems drop glass, etc.). Also some OOO configuration commands are added to the Options menu.

•  Be sure to load this after the OOO esp.

•  MMM-Cobl.esp

•  Activate if MMM 3.7 or higher is installed.

•  This mod swaps some MMM items for equivalent Cobl items.


03 Item Interchange

Item Interchange cross-polinates items between different mods. E.g. Happy Hannah's wines may be found being sold by Tamrielic Travellers, or fish from Alive Waters! may be found in remote taverns, etc. No longer will cool items added by one mod be found only in one or two spots, but instead, it will be found in locations old and new across Cyrodiil and beyond!

•  Advanced Feature!

   If you're not already using Wrye Bash and regularly rebuilding your Bashed Patch, then you should skip Item Interchange.

•  Latest Version

   The version of Item Interchange included in Cobl may not be the most recent version (however, it should be close). For the most recent version, see Item Interchange.

•  Modules --Do not activate the following mods!

   Instead, the modules must be merged into the Bashed Patch, as described below.

•  Item interchange - Extraction.esp

•  This plugin populates the meta-library with materials from the mods you have installed. There is currently only one version of this plugin. Required.

•  Item interchange - Placement.esp

•  This plugin places references into the base game and into the mods you have installed that makes them use the II meta-library. There are two versions of this plugin available. This plugin is not required however as there are currently no other mods using the II meta-library if you do not use this you will gain no benefits from installing II.

•  Item interchange - Placement for FCOM.esp

•  A hack-job to ensure compatibility with FCOM. See mod-specific notes at the bottom.

•  Item interchange - Placement for Frostcrag Reborn.esp

•  A mod-specific plugin that makes changes to Frostcrag Reborn only. You should still install the regular or FCOM placement plugin described above. Do not install this plugin if you do not use Frostcrag Reborn.

•  Item interchange - Placement for Frostcrag Spire Revisited.esp

•  A mod-specific plugin that makes changes to Frostcrag Spire Revisited only. You should still install the regular or FCOM placement plugin described above. Do not install this plugin if you do not use Frostcrag Spire Revisited.

•  Load Ordering

•  Balo tags are provided for those using Wrye Bash's Balo system.

•  If you do not use Balo then BOSS may be worth considering.

•  If you use hand-ordering via OBMM, Wrye Bash or another tool then you should aim to achieve these ends:

•  Both the extraction and placement plugins are completely reliant on features of Wrye Bash to get their important changes through everything else. The extraction plugin can load anywhere before the bashed patch, I suggest putting it with other library mods. All placement plugins should load immediately before the bashed patch.

•  Please note Yes, some plugins will most likely be missing masters. Don't worry, just use Wrye Bash correctly and it'll all work out.

•  Bashed Patch

•  Make sure the following options are set when rebuilding the Bashed Patch (you must be using v210 or later):

   1 Merge Patches: all II esps should be merged.

   2 Import Inventory: all installed II placement plugins should be selected.

   3 Leveled Lists: automatic for all II placement plugins.

•  After the Bashed Patch has been built make sure that all II esps are set to virtually active, with just a + symbol in the box.

•  Item Interchange plugins come pre-tagged with Wrye Bash tags. Should you accidentally (or deliberately) change these II will most likely no longer function correctly. Should this occur, please reset the Bashed tags as follows. Extraction plugin {{BASH:Merge,Filter}}, placement plugins {{BASH:Merge,Filter,IIM,Invent,Delev}}. The master file needs no tags.

•  Respawn

•  After rebuilding your patch you should be able to play without further installation issues, though you should perform the usual wait in an isolated interior cell so inventories and spawns reset under the usual conditions for your game setup.

•  More Information

•  For more information, see Data\Docs\Item Iterchange_readme.rtf


10 Modders Only

This directory contains items that are only of interest to modders. Regular users should skip it.

•  Cobl Mort Demo

•  This is a demo mod for the death handling in Cobl.


Wrye Bash

Wrye Bash is not required, but if you use it, then three features in particular will be useful for playing with Cobl...

•  Bain (Bash Installers)

•  Bain can be used to easily install or uninstall the various Cobl components.

•  Bashed Patch

•  Merge Patches

•  Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.esp (Merge instead of activate.)

•  Cobl Races Balanced.esp

•  Item Interchange mods.

•  Import Cells: Check Salmo the Baker to preserve it's changes to cell ownership.

•  Import Inventory: Rather than activating Cobl Tweaks, you can use import inventory. Also, required if you're using Item Interchange.

•  Import NPC Faces: Rather than activating (or merging) Cobl Races TNR and/or Cobl Races TNR SI, you should import their faces here.

•  Tweak Settings: Has an option to set the "Equip Misc. Item" message to some string. Setting it to "." is useful since this helps reduce message spam when you access the Options menu, Dinner Plate and similar misc. item "triggers".

•  Alchemical Catalogs will update Cobl's Alchemical Catalogs to include ingredients from all active mods.

•  Leveled Lists: Merge changes to leveled lists. (Required for Item Interchange mods.)

•  Race Records: Import/merge changes from Cobl Races and/or Cobl Races Balanced.

•  Mod Checking

•  As of version 224, Wrye Bash has a Mod Checking function. This function checks your list of active and merged mods against a set of rules and generates configuration and/or conflict report. Cobl supports this function by providing a rules database in the release package.

•  To get the report just click the "Mod Checker" icon at the bottom of the main Bash window. For Cobl, you'll receive a recap of the current configuration plus warnings of known conflicts. (Note however that the rule database is far from complete, and so will not necessarily list all or even most conflicts!)


Install Problems

•  See FAQ.



Cobl Races

Cobl Races is an optional component that consolidates hairs and eyes from some of the most popular cosmetics mods. It also add five new playable races.

•  Eyes: Capucine, Miss Onatopp

•  Hair: Babe, Capucine, Corean, Kafeid, Ren, Saram, Soya, ThrottleKitty

•  Races:

•  Aureal: A playable version of the Golden Saint race.

•  Hidden Elves: Based on Ren's popular Mystic Elves race.

•  Mazken: A playble version of the Dark Seducer race.

•  Ohmes-Raht: Based on Luchaire's Tabaxi race. The Ohmes-raht are man faced, but have cat like fur and ears.

•  Xivilai: A playable version of the Xivilai race.



•  Cobl Races Requires Shivering Isles! Cobl Races makes use of some meshes and textures provided by Shivering Isles. If SI is not present, then those meshes and textures must be otherwise provided by the user. (A late release of Cobl may provide these missing meshes/textures.)

•  Cobl Races uses the default eye mesh for eyes. This may be incompatible with other race/cosmetic mods that use different eye mesh styles. Note that use of the original "Beautiful People" mod is particularly likely to cause problems. For other compilations, compatibility patches may be created at a later date.


Cobl Races TNR/TNR SI

These optional components will modify existing NPCs to use the new hairs and eyes supplied by Cobl. Naturally, they also incorporate Veritas Secreto's TNR face revisions. You can use this without having the other Cobl Race components active, but the cosmetics resource pack must be installed.


Cobl Races Balanced

Cobl Races Balanced (CRB) is an optional component which re-balances each race and birthsign to make it distinct, yet equally powerful when compared to other races/birthsigns. The goal here is to make each race/birthsign interesting, without making it uber relative to the other races/birthsigns.


If you do not want CRB's re-balancing, be sure not to activate it!.


We'd like to explain CRB at length – unfortunately, we're a bit short of time at the moment! Suffice it to say, that CRB is a slightly reduced version of bg2408's RBP (Race Balancing Project). You might want to look at RBP to get a rough idea of what CRB does.


Upgrading to CRB

If you start a new game with CRB active, then gameplay will proceed as normal. You'll get new options in the race selection area, but other than that, things will be as usual.


However, if you activate CRB for an existing character, then you'll need to go through a procedure to adapt your character to changed birthsigns and racial spells and stats. Fortunately, this is mostly automatic. Shortly after loading your savegame, you should get an option to adjust to changes. If you follow this procedure, it will proceed in three steps:

•  Changes to birthsigns will be applied. Old abilities and spells will be removed from your character and new ones will be added.

•  Changes to racial abilities and spells will be applied. As before, old spells will be removed and new ones added.

•  Changes to racial beginning stats will be applied. This will affect skills, attributes and health.

Each of these steps is optional and can be skipped. However, skipping step two (changes to racial spells) will also force skipping step three (changes to racial stats).


Keep in mind that adjustments to racial stats may confuse player leveling mods. You may have to reset such mods, or simply live through an odd level up or two.


Generally, adjustments to stats will work better when applied to lower level characters. Keep in mind that you can always try the changes first, and then if you don't like them, revert back to the original save and try it without. Or you might hand tweak some of the stats through the console.


Upgrading from a different race balancing mod (e.g. bg2408's RBP) is likely to be difficult. We can't offer much advice for such a conversion.


Note that if you've been playing with CRB for a while, but wish to switch back to vanilla balancing, you can do that. After reloading, Cobl will again recognize the change and revert your player back to Oblivion birthsigns and racial stats, etc. The procedure will be the same as above, just with opposite effects.


If Cobl fails to autosense the change (or if you canceled the automatic update), you can force start the transition process by starting the appropriate quest from the console:

•  startQuest cobBalToBalancedQ – To switch from vanilla to balanced.

•  startQuest cobBalToVanillaQ – To switch from balanced to vanilla.


Guide Books Menu

Coble provices a standardized Guide Books Menu. You can access this by selecting the +[Guide Books] misc item from your inventory. Doing so will bring up a container/menu of guide books.


Note: Each book will disappear from the menu immediatly after you select it. It will reappear as soon as another book – or the .Refresh Menus token is selected.


Options Menu

Cobl provides a standardized Options Menu. You can access this by selecting the "+[Options]" misc. item from your inventory. Doing so will bring up a container/menu of guide books. Both books and commands can be accessed by selecting them.


Note: Each command token will disappear from the menu immediatly after you select it. It will reappear as soon as another command – or the .Refresh Menus token is selected.



Cobl comes with an onscreen clock. OBSE users can also set a key to activate the clock.


Coblize Items

Cobl will periodically check for items from various mods that can be converted to Cobl equivalents. If such items are found, then they will be replaced (e.g. an OOO Wolf Meat will be replaced with Cobl's version of Wolf Meat). This avoids having several different versions of the same item in inventory.


You can enable or disable the feature and set the level of reporting (Silent, Detailed or Summary Only).


Note: Some swapping may (e.g. for The Ayleid Steps) may be unaffected by this option setting.



Now you can denock your arrow if you choose not to shoot it. You can set the Denock button to (almost) any key or control. (Requires OBSE v15.)


Fame Tracker

This feature will track changes to your fame, infany bounty, murders and oblvion gates closed and report with a short message as they change. (However, if the players is in combat, it will wait until combat ends before reporting.) You can enable/disable it from the Options Menu.


Move Quest Items

This feature allows you to remove quest items from your inventory, as if they were normal items. You must use your mouse to select the item (arrow keys not supported at this time). You won't be able to sell your quest item, but will be able to drop them from your Inventory Menu or place them into a container. To provide maximum compatibility, this will only change the quest status while you drop/move the item. Finally, as of this time, you won't be able to drop model-less (Yellow ! objects) quest items (but you can still move them to a container). (Requires OBSE v15.)


Poison Confirmation

Automatically bypasses the poison confirmation dialog, both from the menu and hotkey. If you're using a mod that poisons the weapon (i.e., Locational Damage v1) then select "Replace Poison". There's also an "Allow potion to be used as poison" option (can be interesting with various Scripted Effects) - it works, but use at your own risk. (Requires OBSE v15.)


Spell Delete

This feature allows you to delete spells from your Spell Menu. Just highlight the spell with your mouse (no need to select it, but cursor must be over spell) and press "Delete". You cannot delete Heal Minor Wounds, and it will be added back if it's been deleted (the spell is used as a default/failsafe and shouldn't be removed). You will be able to use the name again in the Spell Making Menu (as long as you didn't buy the spell). Also, you'll be able to use the effect (in case it was the only spell with the effect) in both the Spell Making and Enchantment menus. (Requires OBSE v16.)


Time Scale

Set how fast time passes in the world. While slower times are more immersive, they also limit the utility of powers (which can only be used once per game day).


Note that if you use the Time Scale setting you should also be using the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, since it fixes several timescale related bugs in vanilla Oblivion.



Alchemical Catalogs

A set of alchemical catalogs. There are two types (ingredients and effects) and four levels for each type. The first level catalogs only show the first level ingredient effect, while the fourth shows all effects. Hence the fourth level catalogs are the most valuable and is priced accordingly.


You'll find the books in Cheydinhal, and (if you're a Journeyman or higher in Mercantile) in Leyawiin. They're expensive, so spend your money wisely.


To get the full value out of the Alchemical Catalogs, you'll need to use the Alchemical Catalogs feature of Wrye Bash. By default, the catalogs only list vanilla Oblivion ingredients; but with the Bashed Patch, they'll list all ingredients from all active mods.


Alchemical Sorters

Cobl provides a standard version of alchemical sorters. You'll find these sorters in player houses (if you have Cobl Glue.esp active), and in many Cobl aware house mods.


For non-OBSE users, the sorters will allow you to put away all Vanilla ingredients, and retrieve ingredients by name or effect. Also if you have a Cobl aware hunger mod installed, you'll be able to retrieve just the edible foods that are currently stored in the sorter.


For OBSE users, behavior is considerably enhanced. The sorters will:

•  Handle ingredients from all mods (not just Vanilla Oblivion).

•  Put away and retrieve potions.

•  Put away and retrieve scrolls.

•  Provide direct access to potions.


To create potions (OBSE only): After selecting the desired effect(s), select "Create Potions", which will open the Alchemy menu. When you're done creating potions, exit the Alchemy menu, and the Sorter container will open again. Now you can select more effects or select "Reset" to return all of the ingredients and reset the list of effects.


Ayleid Meteoric Weapons

These lore based weapons by MadCat221, etc. are found in several mods. In order to reduce duplication between different mods, they have now been added to Cobl. Note that Cobl itself does not place any of these weapons – rather they're a common resource for other mods to use.


Foods and Beverages

Cobl includes several modder added sets of food and beverges:

•  Oblivion Farmer's Market Various cooked and raw foods from Coleen.

•  Salmo the Baker is Tarnsman's expansion of Salmo the Baker's shop in Skingrad. All of these foods are now in Cobl and will be found in various shops. (However, to get the full Salmo experience, the "Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp" mod must be active.)

•  Tarnsman's Beer! adds a number of new beers, ciders and ales. You'll find these in taverns and scattered throughout the world.



Grinders are available in all Mages guild halls. The grinders will grind gems, bones and some minerals and metals into alchemical ingredients. Note that grinders process items one at a time. You can interrupt at any time to get what's done so far, or you walk away and come back later.


Note: Because the grinders make bonemeal very easy to acquire (just grind the readily available bones), Cobl Glue sets the price of bonemeal to 0.


Lore Books

The Elder Scrolls universe has a very rich history in lore, told in part through various books to be found in the various Elder Scrolls games. These books tell background story of gods, daedra, kings and commoners. While some of the books from previous games are included in vanilla Oblivion, many are not. With Cobl, you'll find these books available again in various bookstores house mods, etc.


Lore Ingredients

Similarly, previous Elder Scrolls games provided many alchemical ingredients that were not included in Oblivion. Again, Cobl re-adds many of these ingredients. Look for them in alchemist shops.

•  Availability

•  Ingredients are added to specific shops, rather than to standard leveled lists. Generally, you'll find Morrowind ingredients in Cheydinhal, Solstheim ingredients and foods in Bruma, Daggerfall ingredients in Chorrol and Anvil. In addition, Sinderion and All Things Alchemical have stocks in Skingrad. Also in the Imperial City, a few of the eating establishments stock Daggerfall or Morrowind food, and The Main Ingredient has a good collection. For non-ingredient items (metals and ores) a few blacksmiths stock several items.

•  Distribution: Vendors that do have ingredients will typically have a lot of what they do have (10 misc items or 30 alchemical items of each type stocked). However, no vendor will offer their full stock at one time, nor does any one vendor stock all items (e.g. Sinderion never stocks items from Solstheim).

•  Grinders

•  Ores and metals from Daggerfall and Morrowind can be ground into corresponding filings or powders using the grinder.

•  Alchemical Sorter

•  Lore ingredients will not be recognized by the alchemical sorter unless you have OBSE installed/active.


Mage Altars

These combination spell making/enchanting altars can be found in some homes and other locations. They will likely not appear until the PC has reached sufficient rank in the appropriate faction. (E.g. "Light" altars will not appear unless the PC has sufficient rank in the Mage's Guild.)


The Luggage

The Luggage is a simple wooden chest that once acquired, will show up in many places: Mages Guild and Fighters Guild guild halls, inns and taverns where you've rented a bed, wilderness camps (after a night of rest), bought houses, etc. To acquire the luggage, you'll have to find it first. Hint: Go west. Someone out there can paint you a picture.


Once you have acquired The Luggage it should appear in vanilla homes. To place it in non-vanilla homes (or other locations, e.g. shops), you'll have to buy a Summon Luggage scroll. You can find these at the Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City. They are not cheap! However, once cast, the scroll marks the location as a permanent home for the Luggage. So be careful where you cast them! (However, it's possible to move around in the same cell. Move to the desired position and direction, then open console, click on placed luggage and type "set init to 0". The Luggage will move to your current position/direction.)



Trashcans can be purchased at general goods merchants. Drop these anywhere you wish and activate to use. If you want to pick the trashcan back up, enter sneak mode and activate it.


Survival Mod Features

Cobl has a number of features designed to enhance and integrate survival (hunger, thirst, sleep) mods. (If you don't use survival mods, then these features won't apply to you.) Note that Survival mods must be "Cobl-Aware" to benefit from Cobl Survival features.


Buffet Plate

Buffet plates are a variant of the Dinner Plate. They work pretty much the same except that you'll find them in various taverns and inns (usually at the main service counter). When activated, you'll have the option to buy an all you can eat buffet. These are very handy for satisfying food needs and provide a good reason to actually go into pubs and taverns!


Dinner Plate

Cobl's dinner plate is an eating interface for use with hunger mods. For Cobl aware mods that use this, activating the plate will move edible foods in your inventory to a "Dinner Plate" container. Taking the foods out of the container will count as eating them. When you're done eating, any left over foods will be returned to your inventory. Note that there are several advantages to this approach:

•  Only foods that you can eat will be moved to the dinner plate.

•  Eating does not count as wortcraft.

•  No scripting of foods or the player is required.



•  Calculation of what has been eaten doesn't happen until you close the dinner plate. So if you move something from your inventory back to the plate, it won't count as being eaten.

•  If the dinner plate is available, you'll find in in your inventory, near the +[Options] item.

•  In some areas, you might not be allowed to "snack" from your own inventory. In such cases, there may be something local to activate (like a plate or a menu), which will give you access to the dinner plate. However, in this case, food will come from the restaurant (or whatever) and you may be charged for what you eat.

•  Vampires usually don't need to eat. Hence there will be no dinner plate in inventory for them.

•  Cobl Filter Late makes foods from many different mods edible through the dinner plate. However, it requires using both Wrye Bash and OBSE. See Optional Components for more info.


Hibernation Potions

These potions will suspend your (Cobl aware) hunger/thirst/sleep needs for twenty seconds of gameplay or until you move ten feet any any direction. You should find these potions at the Mystic Emporium and and at Mage Guild halls in Anvil and Leyawiin.


The potions are useful for:

•  Respawning: If you need to trigger respawns (before installing/uninstalling overhauls that change leveled lists), then you can use a hibernation potion and sleep/wait for the respawn period (usually three days) without suffering needs penalties.

•  Travel: If you use a ship travel mod that jumps the player ahead in time to simulate the time of the sea voyage, then you can forego the needs hit at the end by drinking a potion just before triggering the travel mechanism (usually through a travel dialog with some NPC).


Water Wells

Cobl provides standardized water sources (wells, barrels, etc.) which you can find in some mods (e.g. Better Cities). For these to be useful, you must have a Cobl aware hunger mod.


Other Features

Death Handling

Cobl provides a standard way to intercept the player's death (for an afterlife mod or similar). This will only be active if another mod (e.g. Wrye Shivering Death) makes use of it.


OBSE Awareness

While Cobl does not require OBSE, it does provide a number of additional and enhanced feature if OBSE is installed and active. Cobl also maintains an "OBSE version memory". For each savegame, Cobl will remember the version of OBSE (and Pluggy) currently in use. If you later load that same savegame with a different version of OBSE, it will notify you (if upgrading) or warn you (if downgrading). It will also warn you if OBSE is not active at all (i.e. if you forgot to launch using the OBSE launcher). This helps prevent corruption of mods that depend on OBSE for their functions. (Similar version checks are made for Pluggy and other OBSE plugins.)


Power Exhaustion

Power Exhaustion is a feature used by some mods that places a limit on how frequently certain spells, powers and scrolls can be used. Typically, the player will need to wait fifteen to twenty minutes between separate casts of power consuming spells/powers/scrolls.


Imagine power exhaustion as like a pressure safety dial. It starts at zero, but certain actions will increase it. E.g. a power exhausting spell might raise power exhaustion by 70 points. Another spell might only raise it by 20 points. If those are used together, then they'll jointly raise it by 90 points. The amount of power exhaustion that a given spell or scroll will cause can be determined from it's spell effects – each second of power exhaustion effect will exhaust 10 points of power. I.e. 7 seconds will exhaust 70 points of power.


Like a steam valve, there's a safe zone up, which runs up to 100 point. I.e. you can safely exhaust up to 100 points of power. However, any exhaustion over this level will invoke penalties (huge drains/damages of healthy and fatigue, very large damages to basic stats, etc. For each 50 points over 100 points, another penalty is applied. I.e. if the player suddenly goes to 201 points of exhaustion, then the player will receive three separate penalties (one for 100, one for 150 and one for 200). For a low level character, even a single penalty is likely to be fatal. Mid level characters may, through quick action and some luck, survive one or more penalties.


After power is exhausted, it is gradually recovered; every thirty minutes of gameplay will recover 100 points of power. Note that only gameplay applies – power is not recovered while the player is waiting or sleeping.


Monitoring power exhaustion: If your power has been exhausted to any degree, then you will receive regular reports as your power recovers until recovery is complete. Also if you're using Cobl Clock, then your power exhaustion level will be reported after each clock chime (again, only if your power has been exhausted).


If you use a timescale much lower than thirty (see Timescale option), then you may want to use the "Cobl Exhaustion" feature of the Bashed Patch. This will convert all greater powers from Oblivion, Shivering Isles and DLC Orrery (plus several others) into Power Exhausting lesser powers.


Misc Resources

Cobl includes a few additional resources which modders may find useful.

•  Water Meshes by Texian: These static meshes can be used to represent water surfaces in barrels, troughs, etc.



Accidentally disabled the options menu...

In previous versions of Cobl, you could configure the options menu so that it only appears while you're in the Temple of the One in Talos Plaza of the Imperial City.

•  If you would like to undo this, then open the console and type set cobMenuQ.bHideOptions to 0.

•  Conversely, if you would like to enable options menu hiding, do the same thing, but set it to 1 instead of 0.

•  No matter the setting, the options menu will always be available in the Temple of the One.


cobEatQS Override

When you first start playing, you may get an error message indicating that some mod has overridden the cobEatQS script and that this may break the Buffet Plate.


Most likely the error is in CraftyBits-COBL glue.esp. If you have that installed, just uninstall it – it's no longer needed anyway (Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.esp replaces it). If you get the error and CraftyBits is NOT installed, then you'll need to find the problem mod using Tes4Edit.


Cobl Based Mods

If you're looking for Cobl based mods...

•  Cobl Mods lists many Cobl-aware mods.

•  TesNexus and Planet Elder may have some additional Cobl aware mods. Visit and search for "Cobl".


Generic Lore Override

When you first start playing, you may get an error message indicating that some mod has overridden the generic lore script and that this may interfere with some of Cobl's functions.

•  First, don't panic! The interference is relatively small (main effect is that some things may fail to appear in the options menu).

•  However, the reason for such interference is usually that a mod has done a "Compile All" on scripts. Doing is usually a (somewhat) bad idea, since it means that the mod will interfere with any other mod that intentionally changes vanilla Oblivion scripts (e.g. UOP or Herman's Script Optimization).

•  Currently, the best way to find the offending mod is to update Wrye Bash to version 226 (or later) and then rebuild your bashed patch. Bash will report on which files have the compile all problem. You can then use Bash's Decompile All command on the offending mods. It's also a good idea to contact the author of the mod and let them know of the problem.


Hairy Khajiiti

If you're using Cobl Races TNR, then you'll find some Khajiiti with long hair. While this may seems surprising, it's actually lore accurate. It's not that Khajiit don't naturally have long hair, rather it's that they usually cut it. It's reasonable to suppose that not all Khajiit follow the tradition, and so retain longer hair. (See Khajiit Morphology.)


Missing Hair and/or Eye Textures

Be sure that you installed Cobl Cosmetics Res 01. This is a separate (large) download – you should find it at the same site where you downloaded Cobl.


The Luggage and Pratchett

Apparently some guy named Terry Pratchett also has something called "The Luggage" in some books he wrote. This is just one of those one in million coincidences.


PS: No, Cobl Luggage does not have lots of little feet, nor does it eat people. Umm... That we know of. Actually, that red coloration does looks a little suspicious. Hmm... Best not to enquire too closely.



1.71 [6/08/2009] [Vacuity, Haama, LazyMonk]

•  Added Item Interchange v0.74. [Vacuity]

•  Bugfix: Removed unnecessary Ayleid Meteoric weapon textures. [LazyMonk]

•  For Modders:

•  Added Ayleid Expansion items - nearly 200 Ayleid clutter/misc items. [Vacuity, MEO, Cryptic Rain]

•  Trap script - basic trap script that you can add to any container. [Haama, LAP]


1.70 [5/14/2009] [Haama, LazyMonk]

•  OBMM: Install script will automatically detect if you have FCOM, Frostcrag Reborn, and/or Frostcrag Spires Revisited and install the appropriate plugins.

•  Ayleid Meteoric Weapons Bugfix [LazyMonk]: Fixed several texture paths and added missing textures.

•  Move Quest Items: Added option to notify when moving a quest item.

•  Spell Delete: Will now keep any effects from the deleted spell so you can use it in the Spell Making or Enchantment menus.

•  Alchemical Sorters (Players): Added Poison Damage and Levitation (for Supreme Magicka).

•  Alchemical Sorters (Modders): Can now use while in MenuMode. (Thanks to kyoma for finding and testing.)

•  Hide options bugfix: Will now hide the Guidebook as well as Options.


1.69 [4/25/2009] [Haama, Scruggsy, SkyRanger-1, Waruddar, Wrye]

•  Move Quest Items [Waruddar]

•  Spell Delete [Skyranger-1,Scruggsy]

•  Trashcan [Haama]

•  Misc. new functions [Haama]

•  Power Exhaustion: [Wrye]

•  Effect will reset to default player spell.

•  Modified report format.

•  Coblize Items is now silent by default. [Wrye]

•  General Guide Book: Updated to DarNifiable format. [Wrye]


1.68 [3/22/2009] [Wrye]

•  OBMM: Fixed install script.

•  Buffet Plates: Fix a bug that prevent regeneration.

•  Menu Refreshers for option and guides menus.

•  Update console guide.

+  Clothes Vendor chests: In progress.


1.67 [3/19/2009] [Vacuity, Wrye]

•  Added Item Interchange v0.71.

•  OBMM: Fixed/upgraded install script.

•  Coblize Items option removed. (Now is always active.)


1.66 [3/19/2009] [Haama, Wrye]

•  Guide Books: [Wrye]

•  Move to their own menu.

•  Update generic lore to support guidebooks.

•  PC State [Wrye]

•  Add setting of tiredBody/Mind rate variables.

•  Power Exhaustion [Wrye]

•  Various [Haama]

•  Bugfix - Fixes a CTD when Pluggy was removed and then added back later. (Inventory Tracker)

•  Static Apparati - Some systems/situations wouldn't recognize new model when using OBSE. Extended dis/enable delay from 2 to 3, seems to work on all systems now.

•  Recipe Updater Engine Bugfix - Writing a formula with the same name, effects, etc. of a formula you just used would result in receiving a blank formula and receiving a "changing" potion. Will no longer receive the potion, and therefore will no longer receive the blank formula.


1.65 [3/15/2009] [Wrye]

•  OOO-Cobl:

•  Fix scripts on a few unique OOO Ayleid weapons.

•  Improve swapping script to adust for incomplete removal.

•  Added: PC Labor/Exhaustion quest.


1.64 [3/9/2009] [Wrye]

•  Guide Book: Fix post-view bug with OBSE.

•  OOO-Cobl: Swap Ayleid Weapons.


1.63 [3/8/2009] [MadCat221, Tarnsman, Wrye]

•  Factions: Added cobFactNoRumors.

•  Luggage: Fix script running issues for items moved to luggage.

•  OOO-Cobl: Swap Ayleid coins.

•  Added Ayleid Meteoric Weapons.

•  Added Cobl Guide book to options menu.


1.62 [3/3/2009] [CorePC, Vacuity, Wrye]

•  Cobl Glue: Merge in cell ownership, etc. fixes from UOP. [CorePC]

•  Item Interchange: More base lists. [Vacuity]

•  Morrowind Drinks: Added to MW food sacks (so should be present at MW taverns). [Wrye]


1.61 [2/23/2009] [Wrye]

•  Buffet Plate: Fix a bug that consumed food from players inventory.


1.60 [2/21/2009] [Wrye]

•  Survival Features

•  Added Buffet Plate.

•  Added Hibernation Potions.

•  Coblize Items

•  Add common OOO/MMM items.

•  MMM-Cobl

•  Add MMM exchanger.

•  Add OOO exchanger.

•  OOO 1.32

•  Update inventories, etc. to new items. Fix some Wraiths.


1.59 [2/18/2009] [Haama]

•  RUE: (Overly?) Cautious Bugfix.

•  OMOD install: Skip Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.esp due to bug in OBMM UncheckESP function.


1.58 [2/15/2009] [Haama,Washington,Vacuity,Wrye]

•  RUE (i.e., Alchemical Formulas): [Haama]

•  Fixed potion strength at very low Alchemy/Luck levels and certain combinations of equipment

•  Toys for Modders: [Haama]

•  Clock object script, Alchemy and other functions, major bugfix of Magic Items Have Same Effects and ToggleMenus and minor bugfixes, updates of nearly all others

•  Item Interchange: More base lists. [Vacuity]

•  Morrowind Drinks [Washington]

•  Added six standard drinks from Morrowind. (Merged in from Morrowind Drinks by Washington.)

•  Script Standardization [Haama,Wrye]

•  Many scripts switched to standardized header.

•  German translations backed out of (most) scripts.

•  Omod Ready [Wrye]


1.57 [1/24/2009] [Vacuity,Haama,Wrye]

•  Item Interchange: More base lists. [Vacuity]

•  Added rTrueLevel, iTrueLevel and iNomLevel to cobPcX quest. (requested by Anthrop)

•  Fix a bug in cobFixCharGen. [Haama, Wrye]


1.56 [1/7/2009] [Vacuity,Wrye]

•  Signals: cobFactNoBleed [Wrye]

•  Item Interchange: More base lists. [Vacuity]


1.55 [12/26/2008] [Wrye,Vacuity]

•  Update Cobl Rules.txt [Wrye]

•  Add Fame/Infamy Tracker. [Wrye]

•  Add Item Interchange base lists. [Vacuity]

•  Move vendor drops from Salmo the Baker to Cobl Glue.


1.54 [12/15/2008] [Wrye]

•  Fix a bug with genericLore warning. [Wrye]

•  Minor update to Cobl Rules.txt. [Wrye]


1.53 [12/13/2008] [Wrye, bg2408, veritas_secreto, dewshine, Haama, Tashira Ronin, Shawn5150]

•  Alchemical Sorters [Haama]

•  Multiple effects containers - added ItemType input to Sorter function to make the effect container script easier/shorter.

•  Cobl Clock [Tashira Ronin]

•  Option to use 24 hour clock.

•  Cobl Filter Late [dewshine]

•  Added many new foods from various mods to the dinner plate.

•  Cobl Races [Wrye]

•  Now are unplayable by default. (As per design, activate Cobl Races.esp to make playble.)

•  Cobl Races Balanced [Wrye]

•  Changed balanced thief feather spell from toggled to plain feather LP.

•  Cobl Races TNR/TNR SI [veritas secreto, bg2408, Shawn5150]

•  TNR faces + hairs and eyes (merged by bg2408), converted to Cobl by Shawn 5150.

•  GenericLore Override [Wrye]

•  Add check to make sure that rLock settings works.

•  Fixed bug that (may have) broken genericLore setting on non-OBSE setups.


1.52.01 [12/2/2008] [Wrye]

•  Additional german script string translations. No changes to English.


1.52 [11/30/2008] [bg2408, Wrye, Haama]

•  Cobl Races [bg2408, Wrye]

•  Still a bit betaish, but should be mostly working now.

•  Added balance/vanilla spells/stats updating scripts.

•  Poison Confirmation Bypass [Haama]

•  Adds an option to bypass the "Do you want to poison your weapon?" menu. Requires OBSE v15.

•  Language signals: cobLangGerman, cobLangRussian [Wrye]


1.51 [11/24/2008] [Wrye, ThreeD]

•  Fix a v1.50 bug with Cobl Denock. [Wrye]

•  Updated German translation. [ThreeD]

•  Tweaked timing on dinner plate to get it show up sooner. [Wrye]


1.50 [11/24/2008] [bg2408, Wrye, Haama]

•  Cobl Denock: Change to plain. [Wrye]

•  Luggage: Add summoning scrolls. [Wrye]

•  Localization: Added cobGenSetLocaleQ/QS. [Wrye]

•  Fix alchemical sorters in vanilla homes. [Haama,Wrye]

•  Cobl Races (Betaish) [bg2408]

•  Cobl Rules.txt (for Bash's Check Mods function). [Wrye]

•  Dinner plate: Get foods from leveled lists. (Requires OBSE 15 or higher.) [Wrye]


1.49 [11/2/2008] [bg2408, etc.] [Internal/Non-Public release]

•  In progress: Cobl Races.


1.48 [11/1/2008] [Haama, Waruddar etc.]

•  Alchemical Sorters [haama]

•  Now stores and sorts potions and scrolls as well as ingredients.

•  Advanced sorting now requires OBSE v14 (was v12 before).

•  German Translation [Haama, ThreeD, Suzie Q, etc.]

•  Bugfixes [Haama]

•  Cobl Clock: Now displays selected format [haama]

•  Signal bug: Fixed incredibly rare Cobl/OBSE/save/reload bug. [haama]

•  For Modders [Haama]

•  Remote triggering of alchemical sorter.

•  Translation support. [Haama]

•  Label signal improvements.

•  Static Apparati improvements [Waruddar, haama]


1.47 [10/11/2008] [Haama, Phaedra]

•  Fixed/Added/Improved textures [Phaedra]

•  Fixed: Gem Dust, OFM Herring Fillet, cobTextWaterCircle03

•  Retextures: Copper ingot, Adamantium Filings, Dwemer Filings, Ebony Filings, Glass Powder, Iron Filings, and Stalhrim Fillings

•  Fixes [Haama]

•  CharGen fix - fixes a few AI problems caused by some alternate start mods (thanks to wmj and Hanzo the Razor)

•  Denock (requires OBSE v15) [scruggsy, spookyfx, Haama]

•  COBL Clock [Haama]

•  Players: More interval options. If you have OBSE v15 or later, you can set a key to display the time as well.

•  Modders: Now you can use any object as a clock - just use the activator function cobClockFAR.

•  Signals (for modders) [Haama]

•  Loop IDs: Use this global to make sure your loop IDs are unique.

•  Control Strings: String faction with list of every control - a control compliment to OBSE's %k for keys.

•  Functions (for modders) [Haama]

•  Input: 2 new functions that handle key/control binding and quantities.

•  Apparati Finder: Returns the strongest apparati in an inventory(s).


1.46 [9/21/2008] [Haama]

•  Bugfix for Alchemical Sorters: protection against wayward NPC activation.

•  (Thanks to drrhodes for testing!)


1.45 [9/14/2008] [Haama]

•  Alchemical Sorters: protection against wayward NPC activation.

•  (Thanks to drrhodes for testing!)


1.44 [7/31/2008] [Wrye, Haama]

•  Cosmetics

•  Added hair records (but not resources for them).

•  Added eye records (but not resources for them).

•  Fixed cobPcBankBook script to be in Cobl Main.esm.

•  Added cobGenLight list and vendor containers.

•  Added Emote menu. (For idle animations, etc.)

•  Tweaked RUE open recipe. [Haama]

•  Tweaked Options Menu restricting.

•  Luggage in Weynon Priory.

•  Change Cobl Tweaks to use InventOnly tag.


1.43 [7/13/2008]

•  Add GenericLore script override.

•  Allow restricting options to temple of the one.


1.42 [7/12/2008]

•  Generic marker rat.

•  Temp strings objects.


1.41 [7/6/2008]

•  Change cobl option and menu icons/meshes.

•  Standardize cobl option menu behavior.

•  Added Bank book menu (useful for morphing).


1.40 [7/5/2008]

•  Add some leveling related vars to cobMorphX.

•  Options menu standardization.

•  Rename quest cobMorphX to cobPcX.


1.39 [6/23/2008] [Haama, Kyoma]

•  Salmo the Baker, Cobl - Updated for UOP 3.01 compatibility.

•  Cobl Glue - Updated for UOP 3.01 compatibility.

•  Magic Tracker [kyoma] - Updated lists of magic spells affecting the player.

•  Inventory Tracker - Fixed restart bug from multiple initializations, standardized the namespace

•  Functions - Minor changes to make way for OBSE v15 functions


1.38 [5/29/2008] [Wrye, ShadowWeir]

•  Fixed cobTiLoot list.

•  Standardized option menu behavior.

•  OOO-Cobl: Recognize OOO meats for Cobl dinner plate.

•  Coleen's Farmers Market Foods

•  Added foods from OFM 1.2

•  Added all OFM foods to dinner plate.

•  Added balo group tags.


1.37 [5/26/2008] [Wrye, ohmygawk, Haama]

•  Luggage: Fix a few inns where the luggage did not appear.

•  Morph: Minor additions/tweaks.

•  New generic functions: cobGenUnequipMaleOS, cobGenUnequipFemaleOS

•  New container: cobGenXFerRef


1.36 [5/11/2008] [Haama, Tekuromoto]

•  Cobl Clock Update [Tekuromoto]

•  Clock will now optionally display weekday or full date.

•  Inventory Tracking [Haama]

•  Inventory Tracking has been fixed and is ready to go. See Inventory Tracking for details.

•  RUE (Recipe Updater Engine) [Haama]

•  RUE can now handle scripted effects

•  Should be able to create and use recipes while on horse-back now

•  Took care of a nasty bug that would only occur when you uninstall Shivering Isles (or a mod update removed an ingredient). The bug would prevent you from opening a recipe - if you've run into it either make a clean save or go to an earlier save.

•  Adds RUE options to the Options menu

•  Lost and Found - opens a container full of missing recipes.

•  General functions [Haama]

•  Add From List and Remove From List. These will add/remove items on a list (either a container or a Pluggy array) to/from a container. Others have been updated. See General Functions for more details.

•  Misc. [Haama]

•  Signal Se now reports the current COBL version.

•  For the Activate function, especially when calling functional activators - a special NPC (cobGenActRef) has been created to get around the 'can't activate while player is on a horse' bug.

•  Changed some comments, changed a few scripts to use the safer activation reference.


1.35 [4/13/2008] [Haama]

•  Toys for Modders - Static Alchemy Equipment scripts, Inventory Tracking, several functions, misc. additions, and a preliminary Recipe Updater Engine. See the Modders page for more information


1.34 [4/11/2008]

•  Bugfix for v1.33!

•  1.33 erroneously included v 1.33 of Cobl Main.esp (the development mod, while retaining the old (v 1.32) version Cobl Main.esm. This most likely would cause problems for the newly updated Salmo the Baker.


1.33 [4/9/2008]

•  Salmo Household faction (for use by Salmo-Cobl).

•  Now includes Salmo the Baker (Cobl version).


1.32 [4/6/2008]

•  Applied Nvidia fog fix to all mods.

•  StrFactions for use with OBSE %c messages.

•  Added cobSigSi stage 10 script which will set the SEWorld jail stuff. Useful for mods that need to run in situations where SI may or may not be installed.


1.31 [3/31/2008]

•  Cobl Main

•  Pluggy version detection: fix a bug.

•  Luggage: new nif and texture courtesy of johnguydude.


1.30 [3/30/2008]

•  Cobl Main

•  Reformat books using html tags.

•  Fixed var type typo in cobWaterCampOS.

•  Fix a silver to gold transmutation bug with the grinder.

•  Cobl Eat menu will now auto-close inventory if OBSE 13 or higher is running.

•  Added pub plate activators.

•  Added version checking for OBSE pluggy.

•  Rebalanced ore and ingot costs.

•  Cobl Glue

•  Remove an erroneously placed cobLugMain from Two Sisters Lodge.

•  Add luggage to Olav's Tap and Tack.

•  Add Grinder to Skingrad Mage's Guild basement.

•  Cleaned with Tes4Edit.

•  Reconcile with UOP.

•  Cobl SI

•  Recompiled scripts to fix some errors.

•  Cleaned with Tes4Edit.

•  OOO 1.32-Cobl

•  Cleaned up lock menu.

•  Remove old geomancy script.


1.28 [2/15/2008]

•  Cobl Morph: Add cobMorphMFact to mark factions as morphable.

•  OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp updated with more options. [by Showler]


1.27 [2/3/2008]

•  Fix misnamed master for OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp.

•  Fix options commands for OOO 1.32-Cobl (disable wasn't working).

•  Fix paths for cobWaterWells.


1.26 [1/31/2008]

•  Some Tamrielic Ingredients related lists added.

•  OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp in Extras.

•  Alchemical sorter now allows retrieval of food if you have a hunger mod that enables the Dinner Plate.


1.25 [1/29/2008]

•  Cobl Glue MW Ingred.esp is now obsolete (content merged into Cobl Glue.esp).

•  Added Cobl Tweaks.esp (includes Tamrielic Ingredients creature drops).


1.24 [1/26/2008]

•  Added OBSE upgrade notices and downgrade warnings.

•  Enable perma-disable of mages altars (set cobAltarShowXXX to -1).

•  All menus (except dinner plate) will now open directly from inventory.

•  Clock: More config options.

•  Luggage: Added/tweaked a few locations.

•  Dinner plate: Added home plates (eat from larder).


1.23 [1/24/2008]

•  Camp water barrels (may be emptied).

•  Mages altars to mage guild halls.

•  Add support for Config, Construct and Cooking menus.

•  Fix a bug that made eating menu appear incorrectly.

•  Option: Cobl Clock.


1.22 [1/23/2008]

•  Rationalizing "registration" ref handling.

•  Alchem sorters: Two more locations in SI.


1.21 [1/23/2008]

•  Signals: Tweak cobOptTestMode.

•  Fix bugs with cobEatQ.

•  Added Mages Altars (cobAltar).

•  Added water barrels.

+  Menus: In progress.


1.20 [1/20/2008]

•  Death handling tweak: remove pms/sms shader (leave shading to client handler).

•  Luggage SI:

•  Added option to disable luggage

•  Added/fixed a few locations.

•  Options

•  Testing options added.

•  Luggage option added.

•  Signals

•  cobOptTestMode

•  cobOptQuestMarkers

•  Alchemical Sorters

•  Now automatically show up in vanilla Oblivion player houses.


1.19 [1/17/2008]

•  Foods from Coleen's Farmers Market. (In progress.)


1.18 [1/17/2008]

•  Tarnsman's Beer!

•  Options Box

•  Time Scale option.

•  The Luggage

•  Dinner Plate

•  cobEatEffectQ is now started earlier.

•  cobEatFactorsQ now sets eating factors.

•  Docs: Complete rewrite.


1.17 [1/14/2008]

•  Death Handling.


1.16 [1/13/2008]

•  Alchemical sorter now has OBSE mode.


1.15 [12/22/2007]

•  Dinner Plate

•  Fix bug with Cobl Si.esp overriding wrong scripts.


1.14 [12/12/2007]

•  Salmo the Baker

•  New foods from Salmo's cousin in Woodland Village.

•  Dinner plate integration.


1.13 [12/11/2007]

•  Salmo the Baker


1.12 [12/9/2007]

•  Cobl Morph

•  Quest with variables.

•  Dinner Plate


1.11 [11/14/2007]

•  Alchemical Sorter

•  Add support for OBSE version.

•  General Signals

•  cobSigNoCompFollow

•  cobSigNoPcNeeds

•  cobSigNoPcTeleport

•  cobSigNoWeatherScript

•  Standard Factions

•  cobFactNoMove

•  cobFactNoTransform


1.10 [10/21/2007]

•  Standardized editor ids for all items.

•  Gem dust by Turgothh included.


1.06 Lore Ingredients [9/20/2007]

•  Lore Ingredients

•  Expanded to include ingredients from Tarnsman's Tamrielic Ingredients.

•  Added powdered form of various minerals/metals

•  Added grinder for conversion of minerals/metals/bones.

•  Revamped leveled lists and store inventories.


1.00 "Official" Release [1/16/2007]

•  Note: Despite version number jump, this is just an incremental fix over 0.04.

•  Better Docs

•  Small Tweaks/Fixes

•  Fixed script on restore fatigue alchemy token.

•  Morrowind misc. items at few new non-alchemical vendors.

•  Fixed a few typos.


0.04 Missing Icons [1/9/2007]

•  Now with icons for alchemical sorter tokens.


0.03 Major Update [1/8/2007]

•  Alchemical Sorter by PhoenixAmon

•  Morrowind Alchemy

•  Morrowind alchemy items by Tarnsman.

•  Factions

•  cobBanditFriends (Loved by Bandits and other evil NPCs.)

•  cobAllFriend (Loved by All)

•  Survival

•  Activator water wells and script.


0.02 Alchemical Tweak [12/26/2006]

•  Add alchemical catalogs to Mach-Na's in Cheydinal.


0.01 Initial Release [12/25/2006]

•  Alchemical Catalogs

•  Companion Faction




Since this mod is intended to be a resource mod, please do so! However,

•  Please don't modify the mod itself. If you have an addition that you'd like to see in the mod, please use the discussion topic listed a the top of the page.

•  Please don't merge this mod with other mods – doing so would defeat the whole purpose of COBL and cause many conflicts.



If you'd like to make a translated version of the mod, please contact us. We'll be very glad to see this, but we want to make sure that there's one "official" translation for a given language.



Please do not redistribute this mod. Since it's likely to be changing rapidly, we want to be able to maintain close control over it's distribution – which is hard to do if we don't know where's it's being redistributed.


In Case of Abandonment

If the entire COBL team gets hit by a large meteor, or for some incomprehensible reason heads off to do something else and thereby abandons the project, then permission is given for another person or group to take up the project and continue it, making changes and redistributing as they see fit.


However, given the expected importance of COBL, we think it unlikely to be abandoned – passed like a baton, yes. Abandoned, no. In any case, anyone who takes up the torch after we have dropped it, should first make very sure that we have actually dropped the torch, not just left it on the curb while going inside for a pint of Guinness. And second they should continue in the community spirt that we seek ourselves to achieve: work with others, create a useful utility, look for solutions that supports differing tastes.


Final Words

Thanks to Bethesda for a creating another great game, thanks to the modders who have contributed material to COBL, and thanks to the forum participants who have helped shaped COBL with their questions, suggestions and encouragement.


The COBL Team