French Maid Outfit by Drakron


-  This Plugin adds French maid outfits that can be found in Six Fishes Inn on EbonHeart, a Breton women using then called Anna sells then and her chest is located in the basement area of the building.



-  Due to limitations of Morrowind engine in relation to icons slots there are several varients of the stockings.

-  The "P" Indicates that it can be used along with other items that use the pants slot, however they cannot be used with a left glove.

-  The "B" indicates that is meant to be used with the heeled boots, that is due to how the heeled boots replace the entire Foot.

-  The outfit uses both the leotard and the skirt and that is due to icon slots, using the leotard and skirt forces to use the "P" type of stockings.



-  This plugin uses meshes created for BB v2.0.

-  There are some ninor clipping issues with the leotard.



1.1 8/20/2004


Public Domain

-  This work is in the public domain.

-  Quoting the author (Drakron 8/3/2005):

  Anyone that wishes to upload my mods can do so, in fact they can do whatever they want since they can be considered abandoned by their creator.



-  Skirt, Leotard and Boots Textures by Drakron.

-  Stocking Textures by James Leighton (Lord Alt Tab).

-  Skirt and Leotard Meshes by Lingarn.

-  Stockings and Boots Meshes by James Leighton (Lord Alt Tab)