GMST Vaccine

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GMST Contamination


•  GMST Vaccine is modders aid that helps to prevent GMST contamination. Usage is simple: Just load GMST Vaccine.esp whenever creating or editing esp files in TESCS. (Note that GMST Vaccine is not required if either Tribunal or Bloodmoon is included in the load list.)

•  GMST Vaccine should not be used during game play. It should only be used while creating the mod.



•  GMST contamination happens whenever you use TESCS to create or modify an esp file and do not have one of the expansions (Tribunal or Bloodmoon) loaded. The main problem with GMST contamination is that it actually breaks some spells. It also sets several variables and text strings to undesirable values.

•  For more info on GMST contamination see UESP: GMST Contamination.

•  Common solutions to GMST contamination are:

•  Use a secondary program (e.g., TESTool) to remove the undesired GMST settings. But this is a hassle, since TESCS will just add them back in the next time you modify the esp.

•  Load an expansion esm. But this creates a dependency on the expansion. True this can be removed (with a program like Wrye Mash), but that's more work, and again, the steps have to be repeated the next time you modify the esp.


Solution And Usage

•  TESCS won't add the GMST settings to the active esp if they're already defined by another esm or esp. This is why loading an expansion works – both expansions define those extra 72 GMSTs.

•  GMST Vaccine works the same way. But since GMST Vaccine is not a master file, it does not create dependencies that have to removed later.

•  Also, the GMSTs defined by GMST Vaccine are the same as defined by Tribunal and Bloodmoon, not the (incorrect) defaults provided by TESCS. So, if you intentionally modify one of the 72 new GMST values, the initial value that you see (with GMST Vaccine loaded) will be the correct one.



•  Be sure to remember to load GMST Vaccine whenever editing your esp!!!

•  Because GMST Vaccine is not a master file it is not automatically loaded when you load your esp in TESCS. You have to remember!

•  You might want to list "GMST Vaccine.esp" in the Summary shown in the Data Files loading dialog as a reminder to yourself.

•  If You Forget to load GMST Vaccine and end up with esp contamination:

•  In TESCS, reload Data Files, remembering to include GMST Vaccine.esp.

•  While in the load dialog, use the Details view to delete/ignore the GMSTs in your mod.

•  Now, resave your esp.

•  Note that you do not have to go to an external program to delete the GMSTs, since, with GMST Vaccine loaded, they won't be readded on save.

•  Vaccine, Not Cure

•  Note GMST Vaccine is not generally intended to be loaded by the gamer, and that even if it is, it does not fix GMST contamination problems introduced by other loaded plugins. This is particularly true since GMST Vaccine's modification date almost guarantees that it will be the first plugin loaded.

•  To cure GMST contamination, you can use the process described above under "If You Forget".

•  Or you can uses one of several tools designed to fix the problem. Such as TESTool.

•  Or you can use GMST Fix (by ManaUser, and included for convenience in GMST This is exactly the same as GMST Vaccine, except that the date is set in the future – thus its GMST settings will override any incorrect GMSTs present in other mods. Note however, that some mods intentionally change the dirty GMSTs and so using GMST fix may break those mods. Mods that tweak werewolf behavior and/or summoning spells may be broken by use of GMST fix. So, generally it is recommended that you clean GMSTs from your mod rather than use GMST Fix.


SignRotate Contamination

There are five scripts in Morrowind.esm that are either not compiled or not correctly compiled. While these scripts are corrected in the expansions, if you only have Morrowind.esm loaded in TESCS and you do a compile all, these five scripts will compile (or try to compile) and will become a part of your mod. This is called the "SignRotate Contamination" problem (named after one of the five "dirty" scripts). Like dirty GMSTs, these dirty scripts should be removed from your mod before playing.


However, these dirty scripts can be vaccinated against in exactly the same way as dirty GMSTs. To wit, GMST Vaccine.esp now contains the corrected and compiled versions of these five scripts (DagothUrCreature1, EndGame, Float, LorkhanHeart and SignRotate). So, with GMST Vaccine loaded, these scripts will recompile without error, and so will not be added to your mod when doing a compile all.



0-02 Script Vaccine [9/30/2006]

•  Added script vaccines

•  DagothUrCreature1, EndGame, Float, LorkhanHeart, SignRotate

•  Note that GMST Fix does not contain the script vaccines.


0-00 GMST Vaccine[10/1/2005]


Reuse and Credits

Public Domain

•  This work is in the public domain.



•  Argent for his clear explanation of GMST contamination.

•  Manauser... I originally called this "Wrye Vaccine" until a last minute check of the forums revealed that it was almost identical to Manauser's GMST-Fix. [12/16/2004]

•  The difference is in the date. GMST Vaccine is geared towards preventing GMST contamination, while GMST-fix is geared towards correcting it after the fact. But GMST-Fix can be used to prevent problems too. So, only real diff is that the earlier date of GMST Vaccine is a little easier for modders.

•  Hence the name change...



•  For discussion of Wrye mods, etc., visit Elder Scrolls forums. My id there is "Wrye".

•  However, like most Morrowind modders, I already spend waaaaayyyy too much time modding. So, I may not be very responsive.