Knights Patch

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This is an unofficial patch for Bethesda's Knights of the Nine mod. Right now, the only thing it patches is the topic greetings bug. Specifically, the Kynareth quest topic should now start correctly (even if you've already talked to the questgiver once).




Usual way: Unzip to your Data directory.


Load Order

The patch needs to load after Knights.esp. Also, apparently Knights.esp needs to load after Oscuro's Oblvion Overhaul. I don't know why this is – my guess is a conflict in a particular cave they both modify. (To edit load order, use a tool like Wrye Bash or Oblivion Mod Manager.)


Do Not Edit

Do not attempt to modify this mod in TESCS unless you know what you're doing. For your edification here's what I had to do to create it:

•  Use Wrye Bash's Copy to esm command on Knights.esp.

•  Use Bash's Version 0.8 command on the new Knights.esm.

•  Start TESCS, load Oblivion.esm and Knights.esm and fix the Greeting topics.

•  Save. Click "Ignore" on a bunch of warnings.

•  Open newly saved mod in TesSnip and delete several incorrectly DIALs, CELLs and GRUPs. Save again.

•  Open again in TESCS and let TESCS fix the form count in the header. (But did not hit save.)

•  Use Bash's Espify Masters command on "Knights Patch.esp".


Mod De-Isolation

Note that the end mod now has an esp as a master. It's only recently that we've realized this is possible – TESCS won't accept it, but the game engine will. Which means that it should be possible to patch other official mods in the same way (e.g., to remove the initial "magically receive a scroll" activation). (As well as do other cool stuff like add a leveled list merger to Wrye Bash!)


Minimal Testing

It runs, it doesn't cause a CTD, dialogs don't seem to break. However, I didn't have a character where I could easily test the Kynareth quest, so I'm actually not totally sure it works! I'm sure someone will tell me soon if it doesn't.



0.02 Working Release 12/30/2006

•  Okay, now it works even if you've already talked to her.


0-01 Initial Release 12/30/2006

•  Not totally sure that it works.


Reuse and Credits


•  Wrye: Patch. (Original mod by Bethesda Softworks, of course.)