Landmarks, w Wells

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This mod simply adds a map marker at every Ayleid Well, Runestone, Doomstone and Wayshrine. I found it irritating these never got marked on the map because often you can't use them when you first find them and need to return later... only by then you've no idea where they were.


They are marked as "Landmarks", which is the icon that looks like a mountain. As with other locations, though, they will not show on your map until you've found them once yourself.


Known issues or incompatibilities: None, but I made this for myself and haven't fully tested it. The chance of incompatibilities is pretty slim since it doesn't change any content, only adds a few markers.


Installation (First Time):

•  Just put Landmarks, w Wells.esp in your Oblivion/Data folder and remember to enable the mod before you start the game.


Upgrading from Landmarks.esp

This is an expansion from Landmarks.esp. There are several ways to upgrade:

•  Enable Landmarks.esp and disable Landmarks, w Wells.esp. However, this will probably cause all your old runestone and wayshrine landmarks to be forgotten.

•  Delete old Landmarks.esp and rename this to Landmarks.esp. Simple and old landmarks will be remembered.

•  Same as 1, but also use Wrye Bash to rename dependencies in existing save games from "Landmarks.esp" to "Landmarks, w Wells.esp". Old landmarks will be remembered.



•  1.10 7/10/2006 [Wrye]

•  Misc. Tweaks

•  1.09 6/5/2006 [Wrye]

•  Added Ayleid Wells.

•  1.00 [Phoenix Amon]



This mod may be shared freely or used in the creation of any other free mod.



•  Phoenix Amon: Original Landmarks.esp

•  Wrye: Added Ayleid Wells