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Less Lore reduces the amount of lore seen in the game in two ways:

-  It add "not local nolore" tests for a number of generic responses. These changes will likely not be visible in the stock game, but will should remove lore from nolored characters - particularly companions and Morrowind Comes Alive NPCs.

-  It removes generic responses that the user is likely to already know, or which is no longer relevant since the quest has been completed. E.g., once the user has had dealings with Big Helende, the user will no longer see stock responses on where to find her.

-  This mod is an expanded version of ManaUser's NoLore mod.


Less Lore Rules

NoLore tests were added if

-  If the information is generic, and would not be expected to be given out by a nolored NPC.

Quest lore was removed if

-  The information was expected to be known by the player – generally because the associated quest had been completed.

-  The response was generic, and did not add to the atmosphere of the game.

-  In general, quest lore was not removed for quest givers.




-  Standard mod installation.

-  Note that this esp does not place any object references.

-  This mod was built on top of both ThePal's and Kivan's patches. It is not known if those patches are required for using this patch (quite possibly not, since those are mostly text patches), however both of these patches are quite useful, and it is suggested that the user get them.


Where to Find

ThePal: Unofficial Morrowind Text Patch

-  At Baldurdash: Text Patch for Morrowind

Kivan: Morrowind Patches

-  At Morrowind Summit: Unofficial Morrowind Patch



0-02 WML License 10/15/2005

-  No changes. Just placing the mod under a WML 1.0 license.


0-01 Initial Release 3/5/2005


Reuse and Credits

License: WML 1.0 Modify and Redistribute, Share Alike

-  You are free to redistribute this work in unmodified form.

-  You are free to modify and re-distribute this work, so long as you: 1) give the author(s) credit proportional to their contribution to the final work, 2) distribute the final work under the same terms, and 3) make artistic resources included with the final work available under the same terms as below.

-  Artistic resources (meshes, textures, sounds, etc.) included with this work may be included in unmodified form with modified versions of this work, so long as their authors are given credit proportional to their contribution to the final work. Note that artistic resources may not be modified, or extracted from this work, unless permission is given elsewhere.



-  While the license above allows open distribution and modification, the following courtesies are requested...

-  Before making/releasing a modified version of this mod, please check with me (Wrye at Elder Scrolls Forum). If I'm not available, check the community to see if someone else has taken over the job. If not, then feel free!



-  ManaUser for Nolore, which this extends.

-  Kivan and Thepal for their patches which are partially repeated her.

-  Wrye: extended nolore and reduced lore.



-  See release thread link at top of document.

-  Also, PM me (Wrye) at Elder Scrolls forums.