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This mod adds to the game the need to eat, drink and sleep for your character. Your character will also be able to cook various dishes and prepare drinks using various tools and activators, and to rent rooms in the inns for more than a day.



You need to eat twice a day: at 12:00 for lunch and at 20:00 for dinner. You can automatically eat any food you've in your inventory. You'll eat different kinds of food according to your hunger level: if you need only a snack, you'll eat a tomato or an apple, and if you're really hungry you'll eat pies and hams. Also, for every hunger level, cooked foods will be eaten first, while original Morrowind ingredients will be likely used last. A complete list of the foods follows. CAUTION! Don't read it if you're hungry!!

•  Cooked foods: Roasted corn, Roasted ash yam, Crab meat and scuttle, Hound and rat pie, Rat soup, Lemon fish, Stewed marshmerrow, Stewed hackle-lo, Stewed bittergreen, Onion soup, Boiled corn, Bread, Corn bread, Bittersweet beef, Moonsugar pudding, Corn and cheese pie, Dibella's cookie, Good luck biscuit, Apple pie, Pear pie, Orange pie, Berry pie, Breaded chicken leg, Saltrice with mushrooms, Saltrice porridge, Fish in salt crust, Cyrodiil fish, Omelette, Crab omelette, Grilled beef, Grilled meat, Grilled fish, Grilled chicken leg

•  Raw foods: Apple, Pear, Orange, Lemon, Onion, Beef, Chicken leg, Bark fish, Abbot fish, Pearl fish, Cyrodiil cheese, Camlorn cheese, Corinth cheese, Tomato, Ham, Chicken egg, Wolf meat, Bear meat

•  Original ingredients now edible: Small kwama egg, Large kwama egg, Rat meat, Hound meat, Durzog meat, Ash yam, Scrib jelly, Crab meat, Hackle-lo leaf, Scuttle, Marshmerrow, Hypha facia, Comberry, Holly berries

•  Not edible ingredients used in recipes: Saltrice, Wickwheat, Corn, Bittergreen, Moon sugar, Salt, Sugar


If you can't eat, you get penalties in Strength and Endurance. After too much days without eating, you will die of starvation. You receive a warning message when you have only 1-2 days left.


Keep in mind that you can't eat with a weapon drawn or a spell readied. You must exit combat mode to fill your belly.


When you're in jail your hunger will not raise (the guards will feed you) nor lower (they give you only what you need to survive, nothing more). Hunger doesn't affect vampires.



You need to drink 2 times a day: at 12:00 and at 20:00. You can drink from wells, waterfalls, spouts and other water sources through the game world. Here's a list of all the water sources added to the game:

•  Wells: they're located in towns, villages and forts and are of 3 different types.

•  Fountains: monumental fountains have been added to various Tribunal temples and to the city of Vivec. Also the fountain in Plaza Brindisi Dorom (in Mournhold) is a water source: just interact with the base of a spout to drink from it.

•  Spouts and Pools: they've been added in small villages and in the Ashlander camps. However, ALL the spouts and pools already in the game can be used as water sources.

•  Waterfalls: located mainly in Vivec and Molag Mar. As for spouts and pools, ALL the waterfalls in game can be used as water sources.

•  Water Barrels: they're spread all over the game world.


You can fill empty bottles, jugs and skins at water sources to bring water with you in the wilds. When you become thirsty, you'll drink automatically from any full jug, bottle or skin you've in inventory.


You can also drink wine, beer and fruit juices to satisfy your thirst. The order in which these drinks in your inventory are consumed can be easily set by the configuration script (see below). By the same script you can choose to never drink juices or alcoholics; this is useful if you want to use them for their alchemic properties. A brief list of these brews follows:

•  Fruit juices: 4 types (apple, pear, orange, berry)

•  Beer: 5 types, among which the local brew Mazte

•  Wine: 5 types, among which the local brew Shein


Finally, there are several wine and beer kegs in the game world now. You can drink from them to slightly lower your thirst, but don't go too far in drinking or you'll get drunk! Use bottles and jugs on them to obtain wine and beer bottles.


The level of satisfaction you get from different sources are:

•  Water source: satisfies your current thirst completely

•  Bottle of water: prevents thirst for 1 day

•  Jug of water: prevents thirst for 2 days

•  Skin: prevents thirst for 3 days

•  Wine, beer, fruit juice: prevents thirst for ½ day

•  Drinking from a wine or beer barrel: very little satisfaction


If you don't drink, you get penalties in Endurance and Intelligence. After too much days without water, you will die of thirst. You receive a warning message when you have only 1-2 days left.


Keep in mind that you can't drink with a weapon drawn or a spell readied. You must exit combat mode to calm down the thirst.


You won't have penalties for thirst during the time you spend in jail (the guards will give you water). Thirst doesn't affect vampires.


You can use every bottle and jug you find in the game world to gather water, wine and beer. You can buy bottles and jugs from many pawnbrokers and merchants.



You need to sleep in a bed, hammock or bedroll at least 6 hours a day. The scripts control if you slept enough during a day at 0.00 ( or when you wake up, if you're sleeping at that time). If you didn't, you get penalties due to tiredness in Intelligence and Willpower. Note that you can sleep during the day and stay up at night, so stealth characters will not be disadvantaged: they'll just have different habits.


Resting in the wilds still heals you, but it doesn't remove your sleep. If you sleep in a bed, hammock or bedroll you'll also recover more Health than you do with normal resting.


You can buy a portable bedroll from many merchants and pawnbrokers in the game world. It will allow you to bring a comfortable bed with you when adventuring. You can't use the portable bedroll in towns or in some interior cells, as it's illegal to rest in these places.


You won't have penalties for lack of sleep during the time you spend in jail (the guards will let you sleep). Sleep doesn't affect vampires.


You can disable sleep if you don't like it or you think it makes the game too difficult. You can do that by the configuration script that runs when you first use the mod (see below).



Your fatigue is constantly under control. When it falls down to 0, you receive the following penalties:

•  Your Speed is reduced to 0

•  You can't jump


To remove these penalties, you need to catch your breath for a while. When your fatigue returns to an acceptable level, you'll recover your speed and the ability to jump.


You can disable the fatigue control if you don't like it or you think it makes the game too difficult. You can do that by the configuration script that runs when you first use the mod (see below).


Alcohol and Drunkenness

Tired of all those empty bottles in the game? Now many of them contain different kinds of wine and beer. You can fill empty bottles with wine and beer at barrels located mainly in inns and storage rooms. You can also drink directly from those barrels. There's also a new alcoholic brew: the “Swamp oil”. It comes directly from Black Marsh and it's especially suited for Argonians.


If you drink too much, you'll get drunk; you can get drunk drinking both the new alcoholics (wine, beer, Swamp oil) and the original ones already in game (Sujamma, Flin, ...). When you're drunk you receive penalties in Agility, Personality and Luck; you also get other effects, increasing with your level of drunkenness.


How much you can hold before getting drunk depends mainly on your race. Different races have different resistance to alcohol:

•  High resistance: Argonian, Nord, Orc

•  Medium resistance: Breton, Imperial, Redguard

•  Low resistance: elves (all the 3 races), Khajiit



Remember that long list of cooked foods you saw above here? Well, you'll be able to cook them all!


To cook foods you need to learn the recipes first. You can learn recipes collecting the recipe books the mod adds to the game. You'll find some of them at booksellers, while others are more rare and can be acquired only solving a little quest. To learn the recipes described in a book, you need to add it to your inventory.


To cook foods you need to be close to a fire or to an oven and to equip a tool (grill, rolling pin, cooking pot, frying pan, mixing bowl). You can buy these tools from many pawnbrokers and general merchants. A little more detail:

•  Campfire: click on it to cook roasted vegetables

•  Oven: click on it to bake bread

•  Grill, Frying pan, Cooking pot: equip one of them while you're close to a fire to cook several different recipes

•  Rolling pin: equip it while you're close to an oven to cook bakery recipes

•  Mixing bowl: equip it to cook 2 special recipes (one of which requires you to be close to an oven)

•  Miners Grill: Too big to carry around, but you'll find a few of these in the world. Just activate them to use them. They'll cook the same things as a regular grill.


As of NOM 2.12, you can also activate a utensil sitting in the world in order to use it. I.e., you can leave your cooking utensils near your oven or stove and cook there.


Cooked foods are also sold in inns and restaurants. Different inns sell different kinds of food, varying in ingredients and complexity. Bakers sell bread, pies and cookies.


As you can see, several original Morrowind ingredients are now edible and can be cooked. Some of these ingredients had their cost and effects modified and their weight raised for balancing purposes.


Suggestion: Don't sell your recipe books! They're always useful to remember the ingredients needed by a specific recipe.



You can prepare 6 tisanes with different effects:

•  Warm-blood tisane: resistance to frost and common diseases

•  Troll's vitality: health regeneration

•  Brilliance essence: magicka regeneration

•  Sentinel's eye: a coffee-like tisane, reduces your sleep

•  Thror's brew: strengthen the racial resistance to alcohol, useful to avoid getting drunk or to relief your hangover.

•  Pilgrim support: halves your need for food and water for 2 days


To prepare a tisane you need to learn its recipe first. You can learn tisanes' recipes by solving a couple simple quests. After that, you need to be close to an over or fire and equip a tisane pot. You can buy tisane pots from many pawnbrokers and general merchants.


Tisanes are also sold in inns. Different inns sell different tisanes. Some tisanes are extremely rare, and you can't find Pilgrim Support for sale.


World Additions

Several new things have been added to the game world. Here's a brief list:

•  Food vendors: there are more than 50 food merchants through the world. They're of several different kinds: general merchants, bakers, fishermen, hunters, publicans, … Each class has different dialogues and sells different foods.

•  Water sources: Wells, waterfalls, fountains and barrels added to many locations. Find them!

•  Food Route: a new imperial trade route going from Ebonheart to Gnisis, with 4 outposts in the wilds where tired caravaners can rest safely.

•  Food of the Gods: a beautiful restaurant in the Ascadian Isles region.

•  Inns: added a new inn. And now you can rent a bed to sleep in several towns where you couldn't before.


New merchants and inns have original banners and signs realized by different artists.


Improved Inns

Sleeping in a bed is very important if you use this mod, so we decided to include in it the mod “Improved Inns” by Taddeus, to allow you renting a bed for quite some time, without having to speak again with the publican every day. When you talk to a publican to rent a bed you'll have 4 choices:

•  1 day

•  5 days

•  15 days

•  30 days


The more time you rent a bed, the more discount you get.


When you enter an inn where you rented a room, a message tells you for how much time the room is still yours or, if this is the case, that the renting period expired. Also, when you load a game and you've rooms rented, a message tells you what is the last room you rented and for how much time it will be yours.


Also, the renting scripts really work now. With the original scripts you can stay in a room rented "for 1 day" endlessly. The room update only after you leave and enter the cell again. Now the renting situation is updated in real time. If you're in your room when the renting time ends, the publican will kick you out!


A room is yours until the 20 o'clock of the last day of the renting period. After that time you'll have to rent it again.


Since sleeping in a bed is so important, we included also 2 mods to add more rentable beds to the game world:

•  Beds for Rent: adds new rentable beds in Dagon Fel, Gnisis, Suran and Molag Mar

•  The Moldy Horker: adds a new tavern near Fort Frostmoth


Additionally, you can rent a bed in 3 more town where you couldn't before: Tel Branora, Tel Mora and Vos.


Portable Fire Kit and Bedroll

To cook foods when you're in the wilds you can buy a portable campfire kit. Just drop it and you'll have your fire ready for cooking. Each fire lasts 12 hours, then it disappears. You can use a campfire kit up to 12 times, then it's removed from your inventory and you have to buy a new one. You can buy fire kits from many pawnbrokers and general merchants.


You can't set up a campfire while you are in the vicinity of cities or in many farms; you can't set up a campfire in water.


To proper rest while you're in the wilds you can bring with you a portable bedroll. Drop it and you'll have a comfortable place to sleep. You can buy fire kits from many pawnbrokers and general merchants.


You can't use a bedroll in the vicinity of cities or in many farms; you can't use a bedroll in water.


Hurting Fires

Fires now hurt you and all the NPC and creatures standing on them. You can choose to disable this feature in the configuration script (see below).


Sounds & Messages

Several sounds and messages will warn you when something important happens (you get hungry, you cook something, you gather some water, …).


Some of these messages can be enabled or disabled through the configuration script (see below). Some sounds are different for males and females characters.


Configuration Script

The first time you use Necessities, a configuration script will start. It will make you 12 simple questions to configure Necessities to best fit your game style.


If you want to run the script again, you have several options:

•  Equip a campfire kit or a portable bedroll

•  Open the console and write “StartScript NOM_config”



Requirements to Play

Necessities of Morrowind 2.13 requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon, as it uses models and script functions from both the expansions. It was made with version 1.6 of the game.



•  Copy (unzip) all files to your Data Files directory.

•  Activate NOM 2.13.esp. Be sure that NOM 2.13.esp load last or near last.


Upgrading from 2.12 or older

Version 2.13 changes references. To avoid doubling and related problems you should use Wrye Mash:

•  Go to mods tab, right click on "NOM 2.13.esp, select "Updaters..." and then add an updater from your previous version of NOM.

•  Go to the saves tab and edit the masters of any game you want to use with the new NOM 2.1.

•  Click on masters list, and click "Okay" to update.

•  Find the old version of NOM in the masters list and rename it to the new version of NOM. You can edit the label directly, or right click and select "Change to...".

•  Click "Save" to complete the update.

•  After updateing, right-click on the savegame and select "Repair All".

•  For more help with Wrye Mash, see Wrye Mash's readme.


Other Mods


This is an extensive mod, but 90% of things added to the game are new items and scripts created by us, so they should not interfere with other mods. Anyway this is a list of possible incompatibilities:

•  Other hunger/thirst/sleep/fatigue/drunkenness scripts, obviously.

•  All mods modifying cells where we added things can conflict with this. However we've tried to place vendors, water sources and other things in places where no other mod known by us does. This should greatly reduce risks.

•  Bottles and some static barrels were modified to add the wine and beer section.

•  Fires were modified for the cooking and hurting section.

•  Mods adding foods and animals are compatible with Necessities. However their foods will not work with our scripts and their animals will not give Necessities' ingredients when killed. Unless, of course, the maker of these mods based their work on Necessities. ;-)


Since it modifies several aspects of the game and all the changes it makes are strictly connected, we strongly suggest running NOM as the last mod in the load order.

•  Note that, as released, NOM is dated to 4/1/2010, which should insure that it loads last or nearly last.

•  However, if you edit NOM in any way, it's date will be reset to the current date – which may result in it's not loading last after other "newer" mods are installed.

•  To ensure that NOM continues to load last, it is suggested that you use Wrye Mash to fix the load times. (Use Mash's "Lock Times" feature.)

•  Alternatively, you can always set NOM to the current date, but going to "Data Files..." in TESCS and editing it's author or description data field.


Necessities of Morrowind contains the following plugins (if you're currently using them, uncheck them before using Necessities):

•  Beds for Rent by Havokk

•  The Moldy Horker by Grumpy

•  Improved Inns by Taddeus


Recommended Mods

For better enjoyment and atmosphere play this mod with:

•  Nymeria's faster walk (included in Necessities' rar)

•  Nymeria's monthly respawn (included in Necessities' rar)

•  Unique Banners and Signs by Bart Notelaers

•  Authentic Signs by Nigedo

•  Srikandi's Alchemy Bloodmoon edition or Taddeus' Balanced Alchemy


NOM That Mod!

After playing NOM for a while, you may find it disconcerting to visit an area added by another mod and find: ovens that don't cook, wells that don't provide water, kegs that can't be tapped, and of course, scads of empty bottles.


Fortunately, Wrye Mash has a feature that allows you to "NOMify" such mods with just a few clicks!

•  First you need to set the feature up:

•  Copy or the file "NOM MiniRes.esp" from Mash's Mopy\Extras folder to your Data Files folder.

•  Go to Mash and select any mod in the Mods tab, right click on it, and select Import: Edit Replacers.

•  In the resulting dialog, click "Add" and add the "NOM Refs.etxt" file from the Mash's Mopy\Data folder.

•  Close the dialog. You'll now have a "NOM Refs" option under the Import menu.

•  Usage

•  Select the mod that you want to NOMify, right click on it and select "Import: NOM Refs".

•  That's it! Mash will replace ovens, kegs, miner's grills, bottles, etc. with their NOM equivalents.

•  Note that this can be safely done even if the mod is already being used by a savegame.


Note however that Mash's NOMify ability will only change existing objects. It will not add new NOM food vendors, nor will it add new wells, ovens, etc. Modders who would like add such features to their mod are advised to use our NOM compatibility pack. Note that this pack does not require the end user to have NOM. (Though without NOM, many of the NOM features won't work – i.e. you'll have the visual effects and variety of NOM, but not the eating/sleeping/drinking substance of NOM.)


Performance Tests

This mod has long scripts, but they are optimized and don't run constantly. We have both tested this and we have not noticed the loss of a single FPS. However you can disable some function of the mod using the configuration scripts to free CPU resources; the drunkenness section is the most script intensive among the ones you can disable.


Known Problems

This is a list of known problems (and possible solutions).

•  Drunkenness: TESCS has heavy limitations in detecting the use of potions. So we had to use a workaround to detect if the PC is drinking alcoholics from his inventory. The result is that if you open your inventory, drink some alcohol and drop some others, then closes your inventory the game will think that you've drunk everything (also the ones you dropped). To avoid this just be careful when you use your inventory to either drink OR drop alcoholics, not the 2 things together.

•  Drunkenness (minor): due to the same limitations above there is a light chance that the game detects as drunk a bottle you instead dropped. This is an extremely unlikely event that can happen one time on 10000. Probably you can play for months or years without encountering this.

•  Fire kit: the fire created with the fire kit doesn't make light. This is an issue of the PlaceItem function, happening with both lights and activators. In the end, I decided to make that fire an activator, as this seems to work better for some things needed by the mod.

•  Constant effect items: you may be unable to recover from certain hunger/thirst/sleep penalties if, when you get them, you're wearing a constant effect item that increases them. This is a Morrowind bug affecting the way curses interact with constant effect and sadly can't be solved. While in game, you can wear off the constant effect item and then use a shrine or the console to get back your lost attribute points.


Please note that these are not bugs. These are problems due to limitations of the editor or to mistakes made by other people. Also note that they are not problems you'll face often. Probably you can play the game for a very long time without noticing any of these (except for the fire producing no light).


Known Conflicts

Here's a brief list of the known conflicts found by our Beta testers. Please note that these are major conflicts: we tried to solve the little ones in every way.

•  Complete Morrowind: The conflict is only with part 1 of the Complete Morrowind mod, the cooking one. According to the reports I received, it seems that some objects (casks, rolling pin, …) are modified by both mods; also, the food cooked with Complete Morrowind is not eaten by Necessities' scripts. To solve the problem, you can use the modular version of Complete Morrowind without the cooking section.

•  Carnithus armamentarium: The food shops in Mournhold collide with the shop added by this mod. To solve the problem, you can move one of the buildings to another spot. Don't simply remove the food shops: they're the only place where you can buy raw foods in Mournhold. EDIT: There's a mod moving Carnithus' shop to Balmora, making it compatible with Necessities. We've not tried it, but it should solve the conflict. Search for it on the Internet.

•  Mods modifying fires (Lights 300, …): All the fires in game have a script attached to allow you to cook. If you use another mod modifying fires you'll lose the ability to cook near them (if you load Necessities before it) or the changes made by the other mod (if you load Necessities after it).

•  Mods using the SetStat functions (Attribute cap removers, …): The SetStat scripting functions conflict with the magic effect draining attributes. Since Necessities uses this effect to simulate hunger/thirst/sleep, the mods using SetStat can give problems with it. Please note that this is a general bug, not a Necessities one: you'll get the same problem if you're hit by attribute draining creatures (like bonewalkers). The best solution is to modify the other mods to make them use ModStat instead of SetStat.



Version 2.13-01 [10/12/2008] [Nicholiathan, Wrye]

•  This version replaces a number of existing water wells with regional (Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni) versions. (All new models and replacement by Nicholiathan with mild tweaking by Wrye.)


Version 2.12-06 [2/13/2008] [Gluby]

•  Lots of grammatical and usage fixes for text in dialog, journals, books and script messages.

•  Improved compatibility with other mods that made to inter-operate with NOM.

•  Fix for Hlaalu water well.


Version 2.12-05 [11/4/2006] [Wrye]

•  New/Improved

•  NOM water basin. (Mesh from Dongle's water collection.)

•  Remove NOM_master_lists. Move list changes to leveled list objects.


Version 2.12-04 [9/20/2005] [Wrye]

•  New/Improved

•  Initial configuration is now more compatible with CharGen and alternate beginning mods. (Tests charGenState rather then main quest journal.)

•  Fatigue: Now get message when you recover your breath.

•  Fixes/Cleanup

•  Illegal cell activator: invisible and dontSaveObject.

•  nom_master_fatigue: Rewrote in hope of avoiding activator drag bug.

•  Fatigue now more compatible with mods that knock the player down by setting the pc's fatigue to negative.

•  Tweaked tisane pot scripts (and a couple others) to avoid CTDs that happened a few seconds after picking tisane pot up after using it.

•  Mixing bowl was looping if you hadn't learned any recipes. Fixed.


Version 2.12-03 [7/24/2005] [Wrye]

•  Fixed bug with choosing "Nothing" from beer/wine kegs.

•  Removed 'NOM_fill_exterior' from start script list.


Version 2.12-02 [7/14/2005] [Wrye]

•  Changed scripts on utensils so that "Take" works better.

•  Config also sets PCGender.

•  More complete fix for starting a fire indoors.

•  Fix a bug (mine) with brewing Warm Blood Tisanes.

•  Also, now, can't drop bed or fire while in mid-air!

•  You'll now have a couple of seconds to step away from a fire started by a fire kit before it starts to hurt you.

•  Consolidated nom_illegal_check scripts.


Version 2.12-01 [7/12/2005] [Wrye]

•  Dialog spell checking and a little grammar/structure cleanup.

•  Cleaned up logic for several scripts. Changed code is substantially more compact and easier to read.

•  Tried to improve performance of some possible FPS hitters. Not sure if it made a huge difference, but it should help a little.

•  Water detection scripts:

•  This new approach uses a script and some global variables from my Wrye Base.esp. If you want to use the water detection variables used, see the script wr_utilsCellHasWaterGS for info.


Version 2.11-01 [7/12/2005] [Wrye]

•  This is a merging of my changes/additions to NOM 2.02 with Taddeus' recent release of NOM 2.1. Most scripts have been touched and a fair number have been rewritten somewhat. Hopefully new bugs aren't too bad...

•  Removed spaces from around fix (->) operators in all scripts and dialog scripts. While I don't recall a crash from this, spaces before fix operators tend to cause very unpredictable crashes. E.g., they cause a crash in some other script.


Version 2.1 [5/20/2005] [Taddeus]

•  Added new foods! There are now 5 new raw/cooked foods for you all to eat: fruit salad, scrib cabbage, boiled scrib cabbage, roasted corkbulb roots, hard-boiled egg.

•  Updated the recipe books with the new recipes.

•  Updated Necessities' leveled lists with the new foods.

•  Changed bread and corn bread to satisfy hunger a bit more.

•  Added cooking knives to several vendors. These knives are really poor weapons, but are very cool to look at...

•  Tuned down by 40% the volume of the "crunch" sound effect.

•  Slightly changed Desele's trade settings. She'll sell also drinks now.

•  Added an option to the configuration script to avoid eating raw foods.

•  Added a global variable (NOM_active_hts) to turn on/off the hunger/thirst/sleep scripts. This is very useful for modders wanting to control NoM scripts from their mods.

•  Improved sleep, drunkenness and fatigue scripts. Now you can disable these features while having penalties, and the penalties will go away.

•  Minor graphical bugs fixed.

•  Added a note in the readme about the interaction of Necessities' scripts with some constant effect items.


Version 2.02 [10/18/2004] [Taddeus]

•  Fixed a bug in some scripts that could lower the PC magicka resistance indefinitely. If this happened to you, in the following there are instructions on how to bring the original value back.

•  Fixed a bug in a cooking script that gave the player stewed bittergreen instead of stewed hackle-lo.

•  Fixed a bug in the script attached to a (well hidden) recipe book. Now you can learn the recipes in it.

•  Drinking scripts slightly adjusted to make them less visible from in-game, as was made for eating scripts in the 2.01 version.

•  Sleep levels slightly adjusted to make the player get lower penalties after only one day without sleeping (-5 instead of -10).

•  Fixed a problem with vampirism. Now hunger, thirst and sleep penalties will be actually removed if you become a vampire. Also, some more little tweak was done here.

•  Improved the hunger/thirst/sleep system to be more werewolf friendly. Now, when in werewolf form, your hunger/thirst/sleep won't increase and you'll not eat/drink (no more werewolves eating apples). When you return normal, all the penalties accumulated while in wolf form will come out. So beware! An example: if you stay in wolf form for 10 days and then you turn back to human without water in inventory, you'll die of thirst. :O

•  Fixed a conflict with Illuminated Order preventing you from completing the Illuminated Order main quest. The water script from the pool of forgetfulness was removed, so you can no more get water from it. But it's only one pool in the whole game so it won't be a problem. ;)

•  The skill Mercantile was raised for all merchants added by Necessities. The same was done (in a minor way) for Speechcraft.

•  Fixed an NPC having the wrong skills for his class.

•  Minor changes to improve various scripts.

•  Updated the "Known conflicts" sections in the readme.


Version 2.01 [8/16/2004] [Taddeus]

•  Changed the alcohol resistance script to work with custom races. Custom races have a medium alcohol resistance.

•  Eating scripts slightly adjusted to make them less visible from in-game.

•  Fixed the bug that, while you are cooking with a tool and hit the "< Back" button, makes appear menus from cooking tools different from the one you're using.

•  Fixed a wrong variable assignment in a cooking script.

•  Fixed a typo showing when cooking fruit juice.

•  Fixed a wrong mesh reference.



This section will be very long, as many artists and people helped us during the hard work to make this mod. Please tilt your monitor and move it upwards to obtain the “Star Wars” effect we wanted…


Thanks To

•  Taddeus and Nymeria to actually making the mod! (ok, we know we're thanking ourselves… so what?)

•  Crazyboy for the original concept of the mod, for realizing the first version with Taddeus, for some of the models used (medieval well, grill, …) and for the title “Necessities of Morrowind”

•  Anoldfriend3 for importing some models in .nif format

•  Barabus for the fishes, cheese, omelette, boiled rice and cooked vegetables models

•  Bart Notelaers for the bakery signs and for greatly helping us realizing our own banners

•  Cait for the beef, chicken leg, ham and chicken egg models

•  Cali for the frying pan and the tisane pot models

•  Catherine for the green dishes used in the “Food of the Gods” and for the mixing bowl

•  Corv for his advice and suggestions

•  Dreaga07 for the portable bedroll idea

•  Greevar for the cooked corn and the water models

•  Grumpy for “The Moldy Horker”

•  Havokk for his mod “Beds for Rent” that is now included in Necessities

•  Hellbishop for helping with the mod “Improved Inns” that is now included in Necessities

•  Kro for resizing the pie model

•  Lady Eternity for fruits, display cases and other models

•  LadyLuck of the Silgrad Tower team for several new foods

•  MagicNakor for the lemon model

•  Nigedo for the signs of “The Moldy Horker”, “Food of the Gods” and “Raven Rock Bar”

•  RavynAngel for the wonderful textures of Marianne's and Trillian's heads

•  Rhedd for the meshes of Marianne's and Trillian's heads

•  Rhedd, Darksharp and Gorg for Marianne's and Aemilius' hairs

•  Silveris for the new napkins used in the “Food of the Gods” restaurant

•  Smite for the corn, pudding, pie slice, meat slice and soup models

•  Wenxue for helping with the dialogues and writing the wonderful book “A feast for free”

•  Wrye for misc. tweaks and fixes. (Hey! If Taddeus and Nymeria get to thank themselves, then so do I! :)

•  Zarkis of the Silgrad Tower team for his many suggestions

•  Zeutrael and Balor for the skin model

•  Zlians for the Swamp Oil


Our great beta testers: Mica_Stratosphere, Crazyboy, Coleen, RavynAngel, Faylynn, Tiavanna, Gai_Jin, MadPauly, Patrograd, Lochnarus, Flaredragon, Amanda, Akarin, Iudmin, Rain_of_a_Seko, Cybermonkey, The Penquin, Flashoth, Hetz, Kraki02


And all the people who gave us support and advice in every way!


If we forgot someone, please tell us so we can update this! :-)



Taddeus and Nymeria

Unfortunately, is no longer an active domain, hence Taddeus and Nymeria are unavailable, AFAIK. –Wrye


If you're interested in using any part of this mod, please ask for our permission first and give our credits.


If you want to report bugs or errors, or you just want to give us advice or ask for infos, you can find us on TES forums or you can e-mail us at:

•  Taddeus:

•  Nymeria:


Take a look to our Homepage and download our mods!



•  I'm mostly retired, but still pop up once in a while to release new stuff and/or fix old stuff. If you have a problem with my NOM release (and if the readme does not help), then your best bet is to post your problem in the Morrorwind Mods section of the Elder Scrolls forum and mention "Wrye" in your post. Since I search on my name pretty regularly, this is the best way to catch my eye, while at the same time letting other people (who most likely will answer sooner) know that you have a problem.

•  PS: Thanks to Taddeus and Nymeria for creating such a wickedly cool mod, and for letting me mess around with it!