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If you're a user of survival mods, sleep is a necessity, not just a way to recover health. So finding myself doing it a lot, it always annoyed me that my PC would stand fully armored with both bow and quiver on back, click for a nice nights sleep – and then wake fully armored, etc.


So what this mod does is cause the PC to remove clothes and weapons while sleeping. That's it. You'll now be able to enjoy a full nights sleep without all that uncomfortable armor and weaponry digging in your back, sides and other more sensitive bodily areas!



Just unzip to your data directory and select in your favorite mod manager.



The mod works by (while the PC is sleeping) adding a dummy ring, arrow and knife and then unequipping them. Because of the slots used by these items, everything but the player's torch, amulet and rings should be unequipped. As a result, it's possible that force equipped items (like the Staff of Scamps) would not work correctly. However, I have not tested this yet, and it may not be a problem. If you observe this, let me know.



0.03 Bugfix [06/03/07]

•  Fix bug that prevented it from working with new NPC.


0.02 Update [05/06/2007]

•  Updated scripts with a few tricks to avoid message spam.

•  Disrobing arrow and knife now no longer appear in inventory after sleeping.


0.01 Initial Release [05/01/2007]


Reuse and Credits

License: WML 1.0 Modify and Redistribute, Share Alike

•  You are free to redistribute this work in unmodified form.

•  You are free to modify and re-distribute this work, so long as you: 1) give the author(s) credit proportional to their contribution to the final work, 2) distribute the final work under the same terms, and 3) make artistic resources included with the final work available under the same terms as below.

•  Artistic resources (meshes, textures, sounds, etc.) included with this work may be included in unmodified form with modified versions of this work, so long as their authors are given credit proportional to their contribution to the final work. Note that artistic resources may not be modified, or extracted from this work, unless permission is given elsewhere.



While the license above allows modification and redistribution, I'd prefer to keep it under my control for now. So, please try to contact me before modifying or redistributing it.



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