ROV World

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ROV World contains ROV Travel, which extends the Wrye Travel mod by adding homebound locations for Caius Cosades House (after he's left it to you) and the three vampire lairs (after you've completed the initial quests for the corresponding clans).



-  This mod requires Wrye's Wrye Base and Wrye Travel esps from his Wrye World mod. You can get them at Wrye Morrowind

-  Other than that, just copy ROV Travel.esp to your Data Files directory!



-  Exactly the same as for Wrye's other homebound points. You'll need to have acquired the homebound spell.

-  After that, Alfred's skull will show up in each location after you've completed the appropriate quests. Then, just click on his head!



0.01 First Release 1/29/2005


Reuse and Credits


-  PM RodrigoVinholo at the Elder Scrolls forums.