Real Hunger, Cobl

Author: Dominic Watson

Additional Work: Thingamajig, Cipscis, Wrye

Download: Wrye Musings



Cobl Version

Assuming that you're familiar with previous versions of Real Hunger, here's what's different about the Cobl version:

•  Dinner Plate

•  You will only get food credit from food that you eat from the dinner plate. The dinner plate is a misc. item in inventory. To eat from the dinner plate, just equip it (left click) and then close the inventory window (sorry, but this is extra step is necessary). Within a second or so, the dinner plat will appear and will contain all foods from your inventory in a containe style window. Selecting items from the container counts as eating them. When done, just close the container.

•  Actually, foods don't actually count as being eaten until you close the dinner plate, so if you want to regurgitate that apple, feel free. It won't count. (Eeewww!!!)

•  You may run into a house mod, restaurant or similar that allows you to eat from a plate on the table. In such situations, the food will likely be taken from a local larder. If it's a restaurant, you may be charged for your meal.

•  Wortcraft is Not Eating

•  Cobl's dinner plate calculates food eaten simply by counting how much food you take off the dinner plate. A conseqence of this is that neither Cobl nor this mod modifies any food from any mod. No scripted effects, no scripts on the food itself.

•  Which means (re-iterating the previous note), equipping a food directly from your inventory is not eating, but rather wortcraft! Wortcraft is the process of extracting (or trying to extract) the alchemical properties of the ingredient for an immediate personal effect. It yields no nourishment. And vice versa, eating a food from the dinner plate yields not alchemical effects. In other words, you can't eat your cake and wortcraft it too!

•  Options

•  Near the dinner plate in inventory, you'll also see an item named +[Options]. You can use this to configure Real Hunger. Just click on it and then select the "Real Hunger" option. Should be self-explanatory. Currently it allows you to configure Messages and Sneak Penalties. No configuration of sleep multiplier yet. Maybe later.

•  Food Recognition

•  Cobl does all the food calculation. Hence, if Cobl (or a Cobl-aware mod) adds recognition for a particular food, then it will show up on your dinner plate and count as food.

•  Cobl currently recognizes food that it adds (Salmo the Baker, Tamrielic Ingredients) plus foods from Shivering Isles (if you have Cobl SI.esp active). The list will likely grow later. Note that RH-Cobl will not require an update to recognize these foods.

•  Cobl's food value weighting may be a little different then what you're used to from other versions of RH. Cobl largely goes by weight (so e.g. Boar Meat, weighing twice what Beef does gives twice as much nourishment). If you have messages turned on, then RH-Cobl will tell you after each meal how many food units you gained from it.


General Features

The following are general features of the various versions of Real Hunger:

•  When you get hungry, you will hear grumbling noises to tell you that you need food. If you want messages to display as well as hearing the sounds, use the "Messages" option in the Real Hunger options menu (see Cobl notes above).

•  While your stomach is grumbling, enemies will find it easier to detect you. This can be turned off through the "Sneak Penalties" option in the Real Hunger options menu. (See Cobl notes above.)

•  When you view the stats menu, a message appears displaying how much food you need to be fully stuffed.

•  The following stats are effected by hunger: Agility, Endurance, Strength, Willpower & Personality. Health & fatigue are not directly effected but your max health and fatigue will diminish as your stats are drained.

•  Level of hunger is unlimited (0=Stuffed -> inf=somewhat hungry). So in theory, if you were a God, you wouldn't need to eat.

•  Every player can go without food for 10% of their endurance level (in hours), after that, hunger will increase around 1pt per hour unless your character is sleeping or waiting, in which case they will get hungry 1pt every two hours if they're sleeping, and 4pt every three hours if they're waiting. To change this, open the console (by pressing the "`" button, next to the 1 on your keyboard) and type "set RHSleepMult to x" (without quotes), where x is the factor by which you want your hunger to increase while you sleep/wait. For example, if you want it to be as fast as when awake, you would type "set RHSleepMult to 1", if you want it to be half as fast, you would type "set RHSleepMult to 0.5" etc. etc. The same is true for waiting, but the variable is called RHWaitMult.


Getting Started


•  Most importantly, if you are upgrading from a previous version of Real Hunger: Uninstall the old version before you activate the new version! (See instructions below).

•  To install, extract the sounds folder and .esp file into your Oblivon\Data directory (C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data by default)



•  First, eat until you are stuffed (if you don't then you risk permanent stat damage). Then, simply uncheck the .esp file that you were using. No files need to be deleted to uninstall this Mod.

•  In versions from 1.5.3 onwards, you should be able to simply type "set RHRepair to 1" into the console in order to "wipe clean" any stat damages Real Hunger has dealt to your character, so you can safely uninstall.



1.6 Cobl [1/27/2008] [Wrye]

•  Coblize

•  Start from classic version, and...

•  Discard all changes to ingredients.

•  Add dinner plate triggering.

•  Add options token/menu.

•  Docs

•  Reorganize and wtxt'ify. (Allows auto-generate of html version using Bash.)


1.5.6 Beta [Cipscis]


1.5.5 [Cipscis]

•  Fixed a bug where your stomach would grumble when you exited the wait/sleep menu, even if you hadn't waited/slept (the noises still play if you have waited/slept)

•  Whether or not messages display along with grumble sounds is now customisable within plugins (main reason for this was to make updating easier, as the script that is most updated is now shared by all plugins, except for one line)

•  Fixed a bug where breaking out of jail would have the same effect on your hunger as serving your time

•  Hunger increases at a customisable rate while waiting (which is different to sleeping)

•  Original Alchemy Edition now standalone, with separate patch for use with MMM


1.5.4 [Cipscis]

•  Script partially re-written to make further updates easier to perform on many plugins

•  Stealth script partially re-written to fix and potential bugs


1.5.3 [Cipscis]

•  Changes made to messages

•  When your stomach is grumbling it will be easier for enemies to detect you

•  Bugs with SI items (if they existed) should be fixed

•  Nirnroot plant script is no longer affected

•  When sleeping of waiting, your hunger will now increase half as fast as normal by default. This is still customisable

•  Included Uninstallation variable for easy uninstallation

•  Sneak damage from grumbling sounds can be disabled

•  Uninstallation variable should work for Classic plugins without needing to go into the journal


1.5.2 [Cipscis]

•  Performing Alchemy with food items will no longer cause you to become less hungry

•  Food items now have their alchemy effects in the correct order

•  There may be some bugs with SI items


1.5.1 [Cipscis]

•  Fixed some broken quests (scripts were previously overwritten, all these quests should work properly with 1.5.1), Real Hunger 1.5.1 Original Alchemy Edition will now allow Restore Hunger potions to work if they are left in the character's inventory from changing from classic Real Hunger to the Original Alchemy Edition.


1.5 Original Alchemy Edition [Cipscis]

•  Hunger is now done entirely by script, so all foods now have their original alchemy effects. This means, however, that restore hunger potions can no longer be made (if you don't like this I suggest downloading version 1.4). Nirnroot is now also a 1 unit food item (the quest should still work fine).


1.5 [Cipscis]

•  When sleeping or waiting, your hunger will no longer increase. If you want your hunger to increase while you sleep or wait, open the console (by pressing the "`" button, next to the 1 on your keyboard) and type "set RHSleepMult to x" (without quotes), where x is the factor by which you want your hunger to increase while you sleep/wait. For example, if you want it to be as fast as when awake, you would type "set RHSleepMult to 0", if you want it to be have as fast, you would type "set RHSleepMult to 0.5" etc. etc.


1.4 [Thingamajig]

•  Added immersive "tummy rumbling" sounds as an indication of hunger

•  Removed MMM dependency and references to MMM foods.

•  Added hunger effects to all –but one– of the "food" classed ingredients in the game, that includes the Shivering Isles ingredients, as well as the new meats from Martigens Monster Mod (MMM, ver 2.0.1), the one ingredient i didn't add the hunger effects to was Nirnroot (yes, beth classed this as a "food" ingredient), as its a quest ingredient and i didn't want it to screw up the quest(s) that involved it.

•  Also changed a few of the foods "unit level" to a more realistic one, these are: Watermelon, Mutton, Boar Meat, and Beef


1.3 [Dominic Watson]

•  Fixed bug that enabled NPCs to eat for you. Credit to PS33 on ElderScrolls forum.


1.2 [Dominic Watson]

•  Really Fixed stat drain bug.


1.1 [Dominic Watson]

•  Fixed stat drain bug. Stats were not being refreshed after eating! They are now.


1.0 [Dominic Watson] [11/19/06]



•  Dominic Watson created the original Real Hunger (as far as I know)

•  Thingamajig tweaked it up to v1.4

•  Doomguy removed the MMM and SI dependencies and released the non-MMM version

•  CptJoker added the Grumbling Sounds

•  RebelMax for making the SI and MMM variants of Grumble Sounds (thanks!)

•  Cipscis for updating it up to v1.5.6 Beta

•  Wrye Coblized.


Dominic Says

Have fun!


Thingamajig Says

I'd love to hear your feedback, any bug reports, compliments, rants etc, email Thingamajig: Thingamajigs


This readme is practically a copy of the one Dominic Watson supplies with Real Hunger v1.3 (i just changed the layout a bit) and as you can see he never said to not edit or distribute without his permission. however, i apologize to Dominic in advance if he takes offence for me not getting permission to do this, the only excuse i have is that i could not find any means to contact him




Cipscis Says

For any bugs (oddities with quests involving food items, FPS hits or incorrect alchemy effects etc.), new ideas for tweaks/additions etc. or even just questions/queries feel free to email me at cipscis


I'd just like to re-emphasise that this is not my Mod. I'm not the original author, but he hasn't been active for some time (as far as I'm aware) and I'm maintaining and upgrading Real Hunger at this point in time.


Once again, this readme is practically a copy of the original, with small additions to make it up to speed with version 1.5.6 Beta of Real Hunger


Wrye Says