Salmo the Baker, Cobl

Included with Cobl (Common Oblivion)

by Tarnsman



This mod fixes one of Bethesda's oversights: Salmo the Baker in Skingrad now sells his bread and rolls – and a lot more too! Pies, tarts, breads, cooking ingredients, etc. Nor will you only find these items in Salmo's shop – thanks to Salmo's delivery service, you'll also find Salmo's foods in fine dining throughout Cyrodiil.


Salmo the Baker, Cobl

This is the Cobl (Common Oblivion) version of Salmo the Baker.


Almost all resources (all new foods, plus pots pans, plus most containers and statics) have been pushed down into Cobl. Similarly, the vendor drops for non-Salmo locations (various inns, etc.) have been moved to Cobl Glue.esp. Hence, this mod contains the just the changes to Salmo's shop itself (plus the new NPCs and their AI).



•  If you were using a previous (non-Cobl) version of Salmo the Baker, then you'll need to deactivate it and use this mod instead!

•  Note that if you previously had Salmo items in your inventory or storage, you will lose them. Sorry, but this is a necessary side effect of pushing the foods, etc. down into Cobl.

•  Install Cobl and activate the Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp.

•  Salmo should load relatively late in your load order. Salmo changes ownership of Salmo related cells, so it's important that this ownership be active or else, all of the Salmo NPCs will be trepassing while inside the shop!


Salmo for Modders

If you would like to use foods or other items (pots, pans, baker's table, etc.) from Salmo the Baker in your mod, then make your mod dependent on Cobl Main.esm. Almost all items from Salmo the Baker are available in Cobl – look for editor ids that begin with "cobSal" – you'll find ingredients, potions, leveled lists, containers and a few statics.


When distributing your mod, just ask users to download and install Cobl. You won't need to include the meshes, textures, etc. for Salmo items in your own mod, since those are all included in the Cobl download.


Note too that Cobl contains many other items and resources that you may find useful. E.g. Tarnsman's Tamrielic Ingredients is also included.



New Foods

•  Breads & Rolls:

•  Aleswell White Bread

•  Anvil Rye Bread

•  Bread Roll

•  Cornbread

•  Leyawiin Flatbread

•  Muffin

•  Potato Bread

•  Cheeses:

•  Blue Cheese Wheel

•  Cheddar Cheese Wheel

•  Cheydinhal Cheddar Cheese

•  Imperial Marble Cheese

•  Weynon Priory Blue Cheese

•  Savory Pastries:

•  Beef & Leek Savory Pie

•  Mutton & Radish Pie

•  Staples:

•  Butter

•  Eggs

•  Honey

•  Milk

•  Sugar (Brown)

•  Sweets:

•  Apple Pie

•  Blackberry Pie

•  Blackberry Tart*

•  Black-eyed Cookie*

•  Bruma Chocolate Cake

•  Egg Custard*

•  Gypsy Tart*

•  Pumpkin Pie

•  Shortbread Cookie

•  Strawberry Pie

•  Strawberry Tart*

•  Sugar Cookie

•  Summerset Orange Cake


In addition, the generic Cheese Wedge has been renamed Bruma Skyrim Cheese. (the Editor ID remains the same so this will have no impact on saved games or most mods using this particular food item. Several of the hungers mods attach scripts to food items, so this change will affect them. See below.)


With the exception of milk and honey, all the new food items are ingredients. Both milk and honey are potions. The new breads and rolls only have one alchemical property, the sweets two, savory pies three, the cheeses and staples have the standard four. Milk has a single potion effect, honey two.


Most of the new food items are available throughout Cyrodiil, not just in Skingrad. Food vendors and innkeepers may have the new food items in their inventory to sell to you. New leveled lists and containers with the new food items have been created for these vendors to avoid conflicts with other mods. There are several items that are exclusive to the Skingrad bakery and the inns in which Salmo makes deliveries to. These are marked with an asterisk. The new food items can also be found as loot. The following standard leveled lists have been altered to include the new food items:








New Clothes, etc.

•  Clothes:

•  Baker's apron

•  Clutter:

•  Baker's paddle

•  Cooking Pot (large)

•  Cooking Pot (medium)

•  Frying Pan

•  Rolling Pin

•  Skyrim Oven (aka Dutch Oven)

•  Sauce Pan

•  Whisk

•  Containers:

•  Butter Crock

•  Honey Jar

•  Spice Jars (16)


These items are found only in Salmo's shop. Salmo and his assistant (detailed below) both now wear a baker's apron while in the shop. This is a retextured version of the blacksmith's apron and is not playable. The new clutter items are added in only for atmosphere and are not sellable items. There are ownership flags on them, so be warned if you decide to steal them from the bakery.


The spice jar containers are mainly for atmosphere as only three of them correspond to in-game ingredients. I may create the spices and herbs represented by the others jars as new ingredients in a future version of this mod. Both the butter crock and honey jar contain their respective new ingredient/potion.


Cobl Note: All items except the Baker's apron are provided as resources in Cobl 1.13 or higher.


New NPCs


   Salmo's wife. Originally she was added to keep Salmo from selling displayed foods. However, that's now handled differently, so she just keeps Salmo in line.


Luis Marenius:

   Salmo's assistant and delivery boy. Makes daily deliveries to the Inns and Castle in Skingrad. He also "works" in the bakery. He does not sell any items.


Wallace Vey:

   Salmo's deliveryman. Makes weekly delivery runs from Skingrad to the Imperial City and Anvil with stops at the inns along the routes to these cities. He is rarely inside the bakery.


Each of the new NPCs have their own unique AI schedule. Wallace's AI schedule is rather complicated and is sort of an experiment. Hopefully it works as planned.


I have also altered Salmo's AI package so that he sells his bakery goods and remains in his shop. I have also given Salmo unique containers and leveled lists so that he only sells bakery goods. Below is Salmo's AI schedule and thus the schedule for the bakery.



   4am: Wakes

   5am: Breakfast

   6am: Opens the bakery shop for business

   6pm: Closes the shop

   7pm: Dinner

   9pm: Retires for the evening


Saturday and Sunday

   4am: Wakes

   5am: Breakfast

   6am: Opens the bakery shop for business

   11am: Attends Chapel services

   12pm: Weekend brunch at the West Weald Inn

   3pm: Re-opens the bakery shop for business

   6pm: Closes the shop

   7pm: Dinner

   9pm: Retires for the evening


Note: Salmo uses some rather complicated schedules. If, after installing, you start suffering CTDs while sleeping or around Salmo NPCs:

•  First, see if removing Salmo the Baker from your load order resolves the CTDs.

•  Next, make sure that Salmo is relatively late in your load order. (Otherwise, it's changes to cell ownership might not take effect.

•  Next try changing the gamehour (e.g. in console, set gamehour 14 to set the time to 2 PM). Try different times and see if this resolves the problem.

•  Finally, if still having problems, report the problem on the [RELZ] Salmo the Baker topic.

•  Be sure to include your current cell, the game hour and the day of the week in the report!


Contact Info

If you have comments or questions about this mod feel free to email me at: rhfreijr cox net (add appropriate ats and dots). Please mention something like "Salmo the Baker" in the subject line to make sure it doesn't get deleted with all the spam I get.


Cobl Version: It's probably best to ask on the official forums. See in particular [RELZ] Salmo the Baker.



3.08 [12/25/2008] [Wrye]

•  Now (again) separate from Cobl distribution.

•  Move vendor drops for all locations except Salmo's bakery to Cobl Glue.esp

•  Remove Salmo the Baker.esp from Cobl core package to it's own package.


3.07 [7/31/2008] [Wrye]

•  Remove some flags from packages in hopes of increased stability.

•  Add C.Owner tag for Wrye bash cell merging feature.


3.06 [6/23/2008] [Haama]

•  Misc. additional conflict reduction.


3.05 [4/9/2008] [Wrye]

•  Now part of Cobl distribution.

•  Remove ballistic white towels.

•  Fixed ownership of shop and items in it.

•  Cleaned up AI packages


3.0 Cobl'ized [12/11/2007] [Wrye]

•  Push almost all resources down into Cobl.

•  Update doc.



•  Added a new bread, pie, 3 tarts, 3 cookies, baked custard and food staples.

•  Added two new NPCs: Luis and Wallace. They now deliver the bakery goods while Salmo remains in the shop.

•  Added new cookware and kitchen utensils.

•  Added new statics to the bakery, including Cyrodiil's first oven and a marble baker's table.

•  Added new containers: spice jars, butter crock and honey jar.

•  Fixed the Havoc for the Weynon Priory Blue Cheese mesh.

•  Fixed Alazza's AI schedule so that she doesn't try to visit friends at 4am rather than 4pm as intended.

•  Altered Salmo's AI schedule so that he remains in his shop during business hours during the weekdays. He still takes time out for chapel services and brunch on the weekends.

•  Added Pepsi's glass sign for the bakery's exterior sign.

•  Included Real Hunger and Vim & Vigor versions of this mod.


2.05: Added a new bread and four new pies

•  Added a new NPC: Alazza. She is Salmo's wife and has her own AI schedule: taking walks around Skingrad in the mornings, going to chapel and brunch with her husband on weekends, visiting friends in the afternoon, and minding the store while her husband is out making his bread deliveries. The store remains closed while Salmo is out making his deliveries.

•  Changed the ownership flags on the bakery goods on the shelves in the shelf to stop items flying and/or falling off the shelves due to Havoc physics when an item was sold off the shelf.

•  Fixed two spelling errors for Bread Roll and Cornbread.

•  Created a version of this mod for users of Vim & Vigor Overhauled as well as included a version of Primary Needs with its scripting altered to work with the new bakery goods.

•  Created a new leveled list for the new cheeses and added this along with a leveled list for the cakes and pies to the following leveled lists:

•  LL0FoodLowerClass75

•  LL0FoodMiddleClass100

•  LL0FoodMiddleClass75

•  LL0FoodUpperClass100

•  LL0FoodUpperClass75

•  VendorIngredientsFood

   Now the new food items can be found throughout Cyrodiil rather than just in Skingrad.



•  Fixed Salmo's Sleep and Eat AI packages so that the bakery will remain locked up after the shop closes up for the night.

•  Added unlock doors at end of package conditions to the bread delivery and weekend lunch break packages to hopefully solve "the shop never opens" condition that some players have reported.

•  Added new containers to the inns in Skingrad so that the innkeepers will also offer the goods from the bakery. After all, Salmo makes deliveries the inns everyday and it stands to reason that they would offer the breads, rolls and cakes from the bakery.



•  Reassigned the hard-coded texture paths for the meshes as per lhammonds' suggestion. Learn something new everyday.



•  Fixed the and/or condition in the bakery sign script.



•  Fixed some incorrect texture assignments for the cheese meshes.



•  Added new bread, cakes, rolls and cheeses to Salmo's shop. Fixed Salmo's AI packages so that he is not away from his shop as much.


1.0 Initial version



This mod and its resources are free for any use. Just throw me a bone of credit if anything from this mod is used as part of another mod.


Credits and Thanks

•  The community for the inspiration to make mods, as well as the much needed help and advice.

•  The following modders' meshes (either in part or in whole) have been used in this mod:

•  Cait

•  Calislahn

•  Korana

•  Pepsi

•  Proudfoot

•  Psymoniser

•  motub for her suggestions and input, as well as her initial work on the Real Hunger version of this mod

•  MentalElf for his wonderful TES4 Files utility

•  SourceForge for making GIMP available for us modders on a budget

•  The NifSkope team for an essential tool and great gift to the community

•  The Gecko team for another essential and great utility tool

•  Bethesda for another great game

•  Planet Elder Scrolls, TESSource and for hosting my mod

•  Wrye for Cobl'ization.


Happy gaming!