Wrye Demo

Wrye demo is intended for modders, not end players.

-  Wrye demo demonstrates various scripting, dialog, etc. techniques.



Chronological Ordering

-  By puting entries in chronological order, you're able to make them appear in chronological order in the in-game Topic Review.

-  The two examples below illustrate two examples of this.

-  If you've completed Ajira's and Varro's quests, check the in-game topic review – notice that it's in reverse chronlogical order.

-  Now, load Wrye Demo and check the topics again – they should now be in chronological order.

-  To understand how this is done, compare the corresponding topic entries in Wrye Demo and the original Morrowind.

-  Larius Varro's "little story"

-  Moved topic entries around and changed test conditions to suit new ordering.

-  Note use of iChoice to keep the choice info dump in order.

-  Mage's Guild: Ajira Quests

-  Put all of Ajira's quests topics in chrono order.

-  Check "duties" for example. (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to completely put it into chronological order.)


Reuse and Credits


-  None! Feel free to use/abuse the content as you like.

-  But give me some credit in your readme.



-  For discussion of Wrye mods, etc., visit Elder Scrolls forums. My id there is "Wrye".

-  However, like most Morrowind modders, I already spend waaaaayyyy too much time modding. So, I may not be very responsive.