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Design Notes


License and Credits





-  This set of mods is primarily concerned with rationalizing names so that items are more accessible both in inventories and in the spell menu.

-  The effects of these mods are apparent pretty much immediately. Just load them up and then check your inventory and spell menu.

-  For more info on what to look for, see Usage below.

-  Note that you should not load all esps at once! See Alternate Versions below.




-  Unzip the files to your data directory, then in your Morrowind Loader check the plugins you want to turn on.

-  Each mod covers a different type of object:

-  A: Armor

-  B: Books, scrolls, notes

-  C: Clothing, jewelry

-  G: Game Settings

-  M: Miscellaneous, alchemy apparatus, repair items, lockpicks, probes

-  W: Weapons

-  Note: All of these mods require that both Tribunal and Bloodmoon be loaded.


Alternate Versions

-  Several of these mods come in multiple versions (e.g., "A" and "A1"). The base (unnumbered) version is built on top of the standard Bethesda installation, while the numbered version is built on top of additional 3rd party mods. To use the non-base versions of the mods, you'll need to have the appropriate 3rd party mods installed.

-  A1 [Armor]

-  Bethesda's LeFemm Armor [+esp]

-  Avenger's Female Armor [-esp]

-  Avenger's Female Armor Tribunal [-esp]

-  C1 [Clothing]

-  Avenger's Female Shirts [-esp]

-  Avenger's Female Robes [-esp]

-  Avenger's Female Robes Bloodmoon [-esp]

-  Avenger's Female Robes Tribunal [-esp]

-  Prosey Female Pants [-esp]

-  M1 [Misc.]

-  Daduke's Key Replacer 1.4 [-esp]


-  For mods marked "[-esp]", you should NOT LOAD the esp file of that mod when loading the corresponding Wrye Patch. I.e., my esp supplants their esp.

-  For mods marked "[+esp]", you should LOAD the esp file of that mod even when loading the corresponding Wrye Patch. I.e., their esp provides functionality that I do not. (E.g., Bethesda's LeFemm Armor also adds references into the game.)


Where To Find

-  Avenger

-  Clothes and armor

-  Search for "Avenger" in Morrowind Downloads at Unforgotten Realms (www.ufrealms.net)

-  Bethesda

-  Armor, area arrows


-  Daduke

-  Key replacer


-  Kivan

-  Text patches


-  ThePal

-  Text, etc. patches




What To Look For

-  Some changes are pretty obvious (e.g. scrolls and keys), others less so (e.g. having left and right pauldrons appear next to each other). But basically, you should see similar things appearing next to each other much more often.

-  Also, you should see some ranked items appear in ascending or descending rank order...

-  Clothes will appear in reverse order of price/quality

-  Court = Exquisite

-  Dress = Extravagant

-  Fine = Expensive

-  Folk = Common

-  Rag = Common (Ragged looking) ...

-  Khan = Fine (Ashlander)

-  Tribe = Common (Ashlander)

-  Gems, Repair items, etc. will appear in reverse order of quality (and now have the same ranking terms).

-  Grand = Secret

-  Great = Grandmaster = Greater

-  High = Master = Common

-  Low = Journeyman = Lesser

-  Petty = Apprentice

-  Marksman weapons

-  Have weapons codes (AR, BW, etc.) to group them together.

-  Some are ordered by ascending rank

-  Basic, Cruel, Dire, Fell, Grave, Grim

-  The last three won't appear unless you've used Bethesda's Area Arrows (or some other plugin) to add them to your game.



-  Changes to book titles won't show up for skill books that you've already read. You can fix this by deleting the records of those skill books from your save file. You can do this with TESAME (and other tools). (Be sure to make a backup of the changed file.

-  If you have a female PC in the middle of the first Hlaalu quest, the quest may break. See details in the Wrye Patches A section below.


Design Notes

General Naming Rules

-  Make it easy for the player to find stuff. This is the cardinal rule.

-  Make names consistent.

-  E.g., don't name one item "XXX Left Pauldron" and another item "YYY Pauldron L".

-  Cause like items to group together.

-  Generally this means starting their names the same so that they group together in inventory.

-  Cause ranked items to appear in rank sequence.

-  To achieve this, you typically start with a base name and then add qualifiers where the qualifiers are chosen so that they sort in ascending or descending order of quality or power.

-  E.g., "Court, Dress, Fine, Folk" instead of "Exquisite, Extravagant, Expensive, Common"

-  Use short qualifiers and base names where possible.

-  E.g., "Court" instead of "Exquisite" (1 syllable instead of 3)

-  Keep original names as much as possible.

-  Completely changing the names is not out of the question - I just didn't want to do it.

-  Besides, it would confuse experienced players.

-  And it would excessively mess with decisions of Bethesda's designers.


Wrye Patches A [Armor]

-  In Brief

-  Name rationalization.

-  General Name Changes

-  "Helm of ..." to "... Helm"

-  "Shield of ..." to "... Shield"

-  "... Left/Right Bracer/Gauntlet/Pauldron" to "... Bracer/Gauntlet/Pauldron L/R"

-  For the above, I sometimes tweaked names for euphony or grammar.

-  E.g., "Right Gauntlet of Glory" to "Glorious Gauntlet R"

-  Specific Name Changes

-  "Netch Leather..." to "Netch..."

-  "Boiled Netch Leather... to "Boiled Netch..."

-  "Ice Armor..." to "Ice ..."

-  "Armun-An Bonemold ..." to "Armun-An ..."

-  "(Native) Chuzei Bonemold ..." to "Chuzei ..."

-  "(Native) Gah-Julan Bonemold ..." to "Gah-Julan ..."

-  "... Glass" to "Glass ..."

-  "... Horny Fist ..." to "... Hornfist/Ironfist..."

-  "Dragonscale Tower Shield" to "Imperial Dragonscale Shield"

-  "Imperial Shield" to "Imperial Steel Shield"

-  Enhanced "Her Hand's ..." armor to "Blessed Hand's ..."

!  Prevent confusion with non-enchanted versions.

-  "Heavy Leather Boots" to "Leather Boots"

!  "Heavy" was confusing since it was light armor.

-  Theranna's "Daedric Cuirass" to "Feathric Cuirass"

!  Prevent confusion with non-enchanted version.

-  Theranna's "Daedric Greaves" to "Feathric Greaves"

!  Prevent confusion with non-enchanted version.

-  Durgok's Goblin Shiled to "Durgok's Goblin Buckler"

!  Prevent confusion with regular Goblin Buckler

-  Velothian Shields

-  Renamed all to "Velothian ..."

-  Changed one to chitin mesh and qualities.

-  Substantive Changes

-  Bonemold Disguise Helm is now "Felsen Sethandus' Helm" (male PCs) and "Relmerea Seram's Helm" (female PCs).

-  I added the second female helm and tweaked dialog so that it's given to the player instead of the original (male) helm.

-  If you've already played the quest, you'll have received the male version.

-  If you're in the middle of the quest, and your pc is female, this change will break the quest. So either complete the quest w/o this mod or use the console to give yourself the female helm ("bonemold_gah-julan_hhda_f").


Wrye Patches A1

-  Mods Required [See WHERE TO FIND above]

-  Bethesda's LeFemm Armor

-  Avenger's Female Armor

-  Avenger's Female Armor Tribunal

-  ESP Notes

-  Avenger's esp's are not required. A1 fully duplicates them.

-  Bethesda's LeFemm esp should be loaded since it adds armor to several merchants and locations.


Wrye Patches B [Books]

-  In Brief

-  Name rationalization.

-  Weight/value/enchantment tweaking for scrolls and notes.

-  General Name Changes

-  "Scroll of ..." and "... Scroll" to "~..."

!  Consistency.

!  Separate scrolls from books in inventory.

!  Separate scrolls from items in magic menu.

-  Removed leading "The" and "A"

-  Specific Name Changes

-  Remove "–" from "Mission to Vivec" and "Thirsk, a History – Revised"

-  For owned copies of standard texts, change to indicate ownership by " []" e.g., "Common Tongue [Irano]"

-  Saryoni's Sermon's 1-9: Added an extra space before number.

!  Sort in correct order with double digit sermons.

-  "Honorable Writ of Execution" to "Writ: "

-  "Royal Writ of Execution" to "Royal Writ: "

-  "Messenger Scroll" to "~Summon Scamp"

-  "Milyn Faram's Scroll" to "~Summon Daedroth"

-  "Bloody Note" to "Blood Note from ..."

-  Tweaks

-  For all magical scrolls: set weight to 0.02

-  For all written notes (not books or magical scrolls):

-  Set weight, value and enchantment to 0


-  Skill books that you have already read will not reflect the new names!

-  Apparently, skill books get saved into the game save file when you read them, and these saved records override the changes from this patch. Ditto for the Pilgrim's Path and other scripted books (I think).

-  To fix this, you'll have to edit your save game file and remove the records of skill books that you've read. (You can do this with TESAME - but be careful, of course.) Naturally, re-reading the skill book after removing from the save file it will give you another level up.

-  ESP Notes

-  This patch inherits many (but not all) of Kivan's and ThePal's changes to books. (This is just a consequence of modding on top of their patches.)


Wrye Patches C [Clothing]

-  In Brief

-  Name rationalization.

-  General Name Changes

-  "Left/Right ... Glove" to "... Glove L/R"

-  "Amulet of ..." to "... Amulet"

-  "Belt of ..." to "... Belt"

-  "Ring of ..." to "... Ring"

-  "Robe of ..." to "... Robe"

-  Tweak names as necessary to fit above changes.

-  E.g., "Amulet of Levitating" to "Levitation Amulet"

-  Replaced "Common, Expensive, etc" with:

-  Court = Exquisite

-  Dress = Extravagant

-  Fine = Expensive

-  Folk = Common

-  Rag = Common (Ragged looking) ...

-  Khan = Expensive (Ashlander)

-  Tribe = Common (Ashlander)

-  Added subgrouping designators

-  Dress Shirts: Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni

-  Folk Gloves: Black, Brown, Grey, Nordic, Wool

-  Folk Pants: Nordic, Wool

-  Folk Shirts: Het, Nordic, Vest, Nordic, Wool

-  I invented "Het" (from Hetman) to imply slightly above common, but not much. Term is applied to the better looking (non-vest) common shirts.

-  Khan/Tribe: Ahemmusa, Erabenimsum, Urshilaku, Zainab.

-  Specific Name Changes

-  All Zenithar items now "Zenithar's ..."

-  Helseth's "Frostguard Robe" to "Helseth's Robe"

!  Had no Frostguard spell on it!

-  Sarandas' clothes now "Sarandas' ..."

-  "Extravagant Saphire/Ruby Amulet" to "Dress Amulet"

!  Consistency with other off-the-shelf jewelry, which are not specifically named.

-  Tweaks

-  Lowered the price of rag clothing. (What you step off the ship in.) Stuff that looks this bad shouldn't cost the same as nicer pieces of common clothing!

-  Raised the prices of "Folk, Het" to reflect the "common, but with upward aspirations" implication of "Het".

-  Substantive Changes

-  Completely changed "Ashkhan's Wedding Gift" (a court shirt) to "Zainab Sense Shirt" using the Zainab Khan shirt as model and adding a detect animal enchantment. Seemed like a more reasonable gift (especially since he didn't get his gift by ripping it off his new bride's back!) (Note that this will not affect the quest at all.)

-  Additions

-  I've added some "marker" objects that can be placed in containers or your inventory to help mark groups of clothes. However, I haven't added any references into the game, so you'll have to manually add them through the console.

-  wr_patMarker_Court (Dress, Fine, Folk, Khan, Rag, Tribe)

-  Notes

-  That's a lot of changes, all with the goal of causing clothing items to group together better in inventory, and making enchanted items more accessible in the magic menu.

-  Names of magic items are now more consistent, thus making the items easier to find in inventory and in the magic menu. E.g., no more trying to remember if it's "Ring of Khajiit" or "Khajiit Ring".

-  Similar "off the rack" items are now grouped together in reverse rank order. (Except for "Rag" and "Tribe" - but hey, those belong to different groups!)

-  The new rank names are also shorter (1 syllable) and more memorable.

?  Unique Clothing Names

-  You could give each item of clothing a unique name, but I actually think that this would be undesirable. The name should get the player into the neighborhood", but then the icon should provide the final distinction between similar items.

-  Exceptions to this rule:

-  When distinctions are relevant to the game world: e.g., Great House specific dress shirts, or tribe specific pants/shirts.

-  Gloves. The only way to guarantee that they'll appear next to each other is to give them unique names differentiated only by the final L/R.


Wrye Patches C1

-  Mods Required [See WHERE TO FIND above]

-  Prosey Female Pants

-  Avenger's Female Robes

-  Avenger's Female Robes Bloodmoon

-  Avenger's Female Robes Tribunal

-  Avenger's Female Shirts

-  ESP Notes

-  None of the above esps are required. C1 fully duplicates them.


Wrye Patches G [Game Settings]

-  In Brief

-  Text rationalization.

-  Menus

-  sRestIllegal: You can't rest here...

!  "Illegal" message was pretty silly for some locations.

-  sProfitValue: Profit

!  Seems clearer to me.

-  sCompanionShare: Share/Store

!  Makes more sense for "pack" type companions.

-  Notes

-  These are text only changes - they have zero effect on gameplay.


Wrye Patches M [Miscellaneous]

-  In Brief

-  Name rationalization for apparatus, lockpicks, probes, repair and misc. items.

-  Grouping

-  "Ornate Dwemer ..." to "Dwemer Ornate ..."

-  "Large ... ..." to "... Large ..."

-  "... Propylon Index" to "Propylon Index, ..."

-  "The ..." to "..."

-  Ranked Items

-  Soul gems, apparatus, lockpicks, probes, repair hammers are now all given the same rank naming scheme: "Type, Rank".

-  Ranks

-  Grand = Secret

-  Great = Grandmaster = Greater

-  High = Master = Common

-  Low = Journeyman = Lesser

-  Petty = Apprentice

-  Note that this scheme causes similar items to group together in reverse rank order.

-  "Skeleton Key" to "Lockpick, Daedric"

-  "Good Skooma Pipe" to "Alembic, Skooma"

-  "Azura's Star" to "Soul Gem, Azura's Star"

-  "Fake Soul Gem" to "Soul Gem, Fake"

-  Key Names

-  "Key to ..." and "... Key" to "~origin/use"

-  Use "~" to separate keys from other items in inventory.

-  Name now reflects their origin and/or use.

-  Almost all keys in the game have a clue to their use, so this seemed reasonable.

-  A few keys seemed to be be generic keys (e.g., "Skeleton Key"), so I left them alone.

-  The usage of a few keys should be inherently vague. E.g., the key to the hidden passage in the Ebonheart Commission shrine. So I gave it only partial identification while still making it unique "~Ebonheart, Passage".


Wrye Patches M1

-  Mods Required [See WHERE TO FIND above]

-  Daduke's Key Replacer 1.4

-  See WHERE TO FIND above.

-  ESP Notes

-  Daduke's esp is NOT needed. M1 full duplicates it.


Wrye Patches W [Weapons]

-  In Brief

-  Name rationalization for consistency and rank ordering.

-  Weapon type coding for sorting. (Partial: Marksman weapons only.)

-  General Names

-  "Dwarven..." to "Dwemer..."

!  Consistency with armor, misc items, etc.

-  "Long Bow" to "Longbow"

-  "Short Bow" to "Shortbow"

-  Plain Arrows, Bolts, Thrown Weapons

-  Leading space so they appear before enchanted arrows.

-  Hit information appended in brackets to name.

-  Enchanted Arrows, Bolts, Thrown Weapons

-  Prepended "Fair" to plain Black, Carmine and Bleeder Darts"

-  Prepended "Basic" to simple Flame, Shard, etc.

-  Area Effect Arrows, etc.

-  "Cruel Firestorm Arrow" to "Dire Flamearrow"

-  "Dire Firestorm Arrow" to "Grave Flamearrow"

-  "Dread Firestorm Arrow" to "Grim Flamearrow"

-  Similar for other bolts, stars, etc.

-  Resulting Rank

-  Basic, Cruel, Dire, Fell, Grave, Grim

-  Type Coding

-  Notes

-  Purpose is to get inventory to sort by weapon type.

-  I tried reversing the name (e.g., "Axe, Daedric") but that was ugly.

-  This approach seems to work so far, but I'm still playing with it.

-  Implemented coding:

-  AR: Arrow

-  BO: Bolt

-  BW: Bow

-  CB: Crossbow

-  TD: Thrown Dart

-  TK: Thrown Knife

?  Future coding

?  A1: Axe, 1 handed

?  A2: Axe, 2 handed

?  B1: Blunt, 1 handed

?  B2: Blunt, 2 handed

?  L1: Long Blade, 1 handed

?  L2: Long Blade, 2 handed

?  SH: Short Blade

?  SP: Spear

?  ST: Staff

-  Tweaks

-  Rationalized prices on a very few items

-  Spring and Fine Spring Darts.

-  Ebony arrows, bolt, thrown weapons.

-  ESP Notes

-  Area Effect Arrows will not appear in the game unless you load Bethesda's Area Arrows plugin (which adds a shop in Vivec, Foreign Quarter).



1-02 WML License 10/14/2005

-  No changes. Just release under WML license.


1-01 Initial Release 12/17/2004


License and Credits

License: WML 1.0 Modify and Redistribute, Share Alike

-  You are free to redistribute this work in unmodified form.

-  You are free to modify and re-distribute this work, so long as you: 1) give the author(s) credit proportional to their contribution to the final work, 2) distribute the final work under the same terms, and 3) make artistic resources included with the final work available under the same terms as below.

-  Artistic resources (meshes, textures, sounds, etc.) included with this work may be included in unmodified form with modified versions of this work, so long as their authors are given credit proportional to their contribution to the final work. Note that artistic resources may not be modified, or extracted from this work, unless permission is given elsewhere.



-  While the license above allows open distribution and modification, the following courtesies are requested...

-  Before making/releasing a modified version of this mod, please check with me (Wrye at Elder Scrolls Forum). If I'm not available, check the community to see if someone else has taken over the job. If not, then feel free!



-  Kivan Text Patches

-  Great set of text patches, some of which are inherited by these mods.

-  ThePal Patches

-  Great set of text and item patches, some of which are inherited by these mods.

-  Avenger, Prosey, Daduke

-  Clothes, armor, objects.



-  For discussion of Wrye mods, etc., visit Elder Scrolls forums. My id there is "Wrye".