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This began with the addition of Shivering Gate (a movable portal to take you to/from Shivering Isles). However, I'm expanding it with misc. fixes and post main quest tweaks. It's still a WIP, but a usable WIP!


Shivering Gate

After you complete main SI quest, you'll acquire access to a portal that will take you to and from Shivering Isles. The portal has two ends, one within the Isles and one outside. Both doors can be moved as desired to any outdoors location by using the "Shivering Gate" lesser power. You'll find the Isles portal on the Palace grounds, while the other portal is initially in Skingrad (SW corner). The Shivering Gate power becomes available as soon as you use either portal. Both gates also have quest markers associated with them (in case you forget your forget where you parked your portal. :)


Note: The gate scripts duplicate what the existing transport door script do, so dialog and jail behavior should be correct. The gates do not bring companions through. (Part of the problem is that they're not really doors. The other problem is that most companions don't have greetings in SI.)


Tracking Quests

There are several new quests which allow you track various groups of people in SI. Note that if a non-quest npc has wandered off and gotten killed then they're in the world, but invisible, so their tracking location is not very useful. I'll try to fix this in a later release.


Defend the Realm

•  Attacks can now happen while you're away from castle. (Previously, when away from castle, you would always get peaceful response.)

•  Residents will now (usually) go indoors instead of hang around outside and get slaughtered.

•  Rewards are a bit more varied.


Brellach and Pinnacle Rock

•  After MQ, these are now both visitable and Knights and order crystals have been removed.

•  Added respawning ammo chests on return route from Wellspring.



After main quests, breaking and entering a still a crime, but being inside is no longer considered trespassing. And if caught committing a crime, you can now choose to go to prison if you want. Just for the fun of it. (Besides it's the only way to reach those parts of the prisons.)



0.08 [8/10/07]

•  Choosing to have Dark Seducer or Golden Saint follow you will automatically dismiss the other escort.

•  Improved portal gate stability some more.

•  Remove name tweaks for ammo. (Now handled by Rational Names csv included with Wrye Bash.)


0.07 [06/05/07]

•  Improve portal gates – should now stay in place across quit and reload. Also, the portal moving spell is now a lesser power.

•  Brellach and Pinnacle Rock now visitable after MQ.


0.04 [5/23/2007]

•  Tracking: Add Split, Crucible. Tweak Bliss.

•  Crime

•  Breaking and entering is a crime, but you're not considered as trespassing once inside.

•  You can go to jail if you want.

•  Tweaks

•  Tweak Traelius a little more.


0.02 [5/21/07]

•  Defend the Realm:

•  Now works outside of the palace.

•  Residents hide in homes

•  Track town residents and Saint/Seducer escorts through quests.

•  SI Bugfixes and Tweaks

•  Sheogorath's Regalia shows amulets

•  Saint and Seducer Escorts can converse with you (a little bit).

•  Assigned Traelius to Heretic faction (had no faction and no greeting).

•  Fix schedule for Dredhwen to get her back to Passwall.


0.01 Initial Release [5/14/2007]


Reuse and Credits

License: WML 1.0 Modify and Redistribute, Share Alike

•  You are free to redistribute this work in unmodified form.

•  You are free to modify and re-distribute this work, so long as you: 1) give the author(s) credit proportional to their contribution to the final work, 2) distribute the final work under the same terms, and 3) make artistic resources included with the final work available under the same terms as below.

•  Artistic resources (meshes, textures, sounds, etc.) included with this work may be included in unmodified form with modified versions of this work, so long as their authors are given credit proportional to their contribution to the final work. Note that artistic resources may not be modified, or extracted from this work, unless permission is given elsewhere.



While the license above allows modification and redistribution, I'd prefer to keep it under my control for now. So, please try to contact me before modifying or redistributing it.



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