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Wrye World is a mixed collection of items and utilities, packaged in several different esps. One of these esps (Wrye Base) is required, but the others can be loaded or not depending on your tastes.

-  All items and utilities are fully functional and well tested, however most new goodies (abilities, etc.) do not have initiating quests. Unfortunately, I probably will not have the time to write such quests. Instead, I have provided a Test Journal which allows you to activate the items while in-game.

-  Note that despite the lack of initiating quests, items and abilities are still fairly balanced (through usage cost and/or built in limitations.)

-  Note that if the clothing esps are used, then additional downloads are required. See Brief Installation and Where To Find below.





Brief Walkthrough



Modder Resources

Clothing Mods


Reuse and Credits





-  If you're upgrading, see Upgrading below.

-  Unzip the mods to your Data Files directory. (Duh!) Now, which mods to activate?

Wrye Mods

Wrye Base [Required]

-  Shared scripts, objects, files.

-  Erika's Outlet. Mystica.

Wrye Travel [Optional]

-  Adds 33 transport portals throughout Vvardenfell.

Wrye Luggage [Optional]

-  Huge container that follows you... sort of.

Wrye Travel Exp [Optional] 12/12/2004

Requires Wrye Travel.

-  More travel options.

Wrye Armor [Optional] 12/12/2004

-  Invisible Armor. Great for showing off your better body/clothes!

Clothing Mods [Optional]

-  These esps replace the esps of some popular clothing mods, providing two advantages over the originals:

One Stop Shopping Buy the clothes from Erika's Outlet in Seyda Neen.

Inventory Sorting Clothe have been renamed so that they're easier to find in inventory, containers and barter windows.

Note: Each of these esps is optional, but if used, requires that you:

Download and install the corresponding clothing mod from the original author.

Use my esp in place of theirs. DO NOT USE BOTH ESPS!

Ummm... Except for Durgoth Boots. See note below.


Where to Find

Bar Dresses BB

-  Small collection of tight (tube) dresses.

-  RpgMods.com: Download

Cali Clothing

-  Matching ladies suits and accessories. Conservative, but feminine attire.

-  At Calislahn's Morrowind Mods: Cali's Clothing.

Cali Dresses BB

-  Small collection of tight (tube) dresses.

-  At Calislahn's Morrowind Mods: Tight Dresses

Drakron Maid BB

-  Extremely anachronistic French Maid outfit.

-  At Tesmods.net: Download

Durgoth Boots BB

-  Durgoth Thigh High Boots 2.0 at Tesmods.net: Download.

-  See Durgoth Boots W BB below for more info.

Durgoth Briefs

-  Lost with the demise of Euro-Morrowind!


-  Stockings and boots. Anachronistic, but sexy. Works very well with various tight (tube) dreses.

-  At Titanium-Backbone

Lillia Garb and Lillia Robes

-  My single esp combines two of Lillia's mods, so you'll need both of those to make my esp work.

-  Lillia's Garb has a new skirt and a female physiqued shirt for each of the three houses. If you have Avenger's female shirt pack, then you won't notice much difference on the shirts, but the skirts are quite nice and match the shirts.

-  Lillia's Robes is a small collection of female robes. Torso is noticably slimmer (but otherwise "full-featured") than BB.

-  Garb at Morrowind Summit search for Author = Lillia.

-  Robes at Unforgotten Realms

Sils Clothing BB

-  Very large collection of various BB male and female tops and vests, plus some gloves and pants. Highly recommended.

-  At Morrowind Visions

Sils Skirts

-  Very large collection of women's skirts. Highly recommended.

-  At Morrowind Visions



Upgrading to v0-03 3/13/2005

If You Have Wrye Mash...

-  If the last version you had was v0.01 or earlier...

-  In Mash, strip the version number from the clothing mod esps. E.g., rename "Cali Dresses W BB v2.esp" to "Cali Dresses W BB.esp".

-  Unzip the new files to the data diectory. This will replace the clothing mods that you just renamed.

-  In Mash's Saves tab, select the game that you want to play, then right click on the Masters "File" header and select "Update". This should automatically update the master names to the new names and correct the file sizes. Then click "Save" to save your changes.

-  If you have the correct files as your loadset, then the boxes for the save should all turn blue. If this doesn't happen, try using "Load Masters" in the main Save for the save game.

-  Repeat for other save files that you want to update. Note that you may want to test one of your saves by playing it before changing the others.

-  Run Repair Refs on the save game. This will correct for a minor ref alteration in Seyda Neen.

If You Don't Have Wrye Mash

-  If you're upgrading from v0-02... You're probably fine.

-  If you're upgrading from v0.01 or earlier... You may want to add the version numbers back to the clothing mod esps.


Brief Walkthrough

-  Assuming that you've installed Wrye Base, Luggage and Travel... If you haven't installed everything, then some of the stuff below won't apply to you.

-  You may want to start a new game, but so far as I know, it's not necessary.


Seyda Neen

-  From the exit of the captains office in Seyda Neen, turn towards Vodunius Nuccius's house. There, at the base of the wall of his house, you'll find some rocks that act as a test cache. Open that and you'll find a couple of things, including some racer plumes and a book. Take at least those.

-  You might notice that the book doesn't look useful. That will change.

-  Go northwest towards the bridge, then go to the left of the bridge down to the stream. There at base of Arrille's Tradehouse, facing the stream, you'll find a new shop, Erika's Outlet.


Erika's Outlet: Clothing

-  Ignore the glowing ball for now. Talk to Erika. You'll notice that she has a "..New" topic. Click on this topic until it goes away. Erika will tell you about what she has in stock. For each of the clothing mods that you've loaded, you should see one entry. If you haven't loaded anything else, you'll still hear about folk clothes.

-  Now, click on clothes, and all other topics will disappear, and Erika will give you the option of stocking or putting away various types of clothing.

-  To go back to Erika's base dialog menu, click on "..Back".

-  If you've loaded other clothing mods, then you should also see a "designer clothes topic." Use that to get to the listings for those mods so that you have Erika stock/unstock them.


Erika's Outlet: Mystica

-  Once you've had your fun with clothing, click on the glowing "Mystica" orb.

-  So you enter a new state of mind, but there's not much to do there yet, so say goodbye to "Mystica".

-  Note that you now have two ways to access Mystica: through the orb, and through the spell that you just learned "Aetherius Eye".

-  Now, talk to Erika, and she'll be ready to talk about Mystica. (You may need to use "..Back" to get to her root dialog menu first.)

-  At this point, you have Mystica access, but you don't know any Mystica commands. The way that this is supposed to work is that you're supposed to find the Mystica activators. But I only have a few of the actuators set up, so you have to cheat – and I'll tell you how in a moment.


Seyda Neen: Mystica

-  There's one Mystica activator in Seyda Neen and one northwest of Seyda Neen. If you talk to people in town, you'll get clues for both of these activators. (The clues will show up in people's greetings to you. You'll only get each one once and you'll get a journal entry when you do.) Note these are "greeting 7"'s, just above Nerevarine greetings. It's possible that you might not get one of them if you have a high level character.)

-  Neither of these spells is a big deal (one tells time, one tell depth below the surface of the water), so it's no big deal if you can't find them.

-  If you find the spells, just access them through Mystica (i.e., by casting Aetherius Eye.


Mystica: Cheating

-  Okay, since I don't have all the activators set up, you'll have to cheat to get the other spells – which are really cool!

-  Go to your inventory and drop the Test Journal on your player picture. Now, you should get a "dialog" with the book!

-  First click on "..New" until it goes away – this will add topics.

-  Now click on "Wrye Packages..." This will give you the ability to activate and/or modify various features.

-  Two notes: for the beta, I've disable or limited a couple of testing entries. Just trying to not take all of the fun out of it.

-  Now do this:

-  Click on "Homebound" and choose to activate it.

-  Click on "Icarian Flight" and choose to activate it.

-  Click on "Portal Orbs" and choose to activate it. [Travel]

Optional: Choose to "add all" portal orbs. Note that at beta testing level, only 4 of the 33 orbs will be added. Orbs that have not been added will not be available as destinations until you find them and click on them.

-  Now either cast the Aetherius Eye spell or touch the orb in Erika's Outlet. You should now see several commands available. But I'll get to them later. Say goodbye for now.


Travel: Portal Orbs

-  Go to the lighthouse. There, at the base, you should see and hear a portal orb. Floating, transparent, rune covered thing emitting a howling wind sound – can't miss it. Note that it won't appear unless you've activated portal orbs in the test journal.

-  Now, click on the orb, this will bring up a Mystica dialog, but this time will only list know portal orb destinations.

-  At minimum, you'll see "Seyda Neen". And if you've used the Test Journal to "add all locations", you'll see four more. If you've haven't added them, then you'll have to travel by normal means, find the orbs and click on them to activate them.

-  Note that portal orb travel consumes one racer plume per trip. Between the test rocks and "activate portals" entry, you should now have 10 plumes, so you should be good for a while. If you need more, check with Nalcarya in Balmora.

-  Note that travel doesn't commence until you say goodbye. If click somewhere but then decide not to go anywhere, just click on your origin location before saying goodbye.

-  One place that you might want to visit is Ebonheart, 'cause that's where you'll find the luggage.


Luggage: Ebonheart

-  On the deck of the Chun-Ook at the Ebonheart docks, you should find a rather non-descript chest called "Luggage". Not locked, but you can't open it.

-  Now there should be a guy named "Willow Stone" ready to bore you terribly with his travel stories, and with a minor quest for a lost Dwemer Hammer.

-  But I ran out of time, so instead, pull out your handy Test Journal and use it to activate the luggage.

-  The luggage should now obediently open. Just for fun throw some stuff in there. BTW, luggage is big. You'll have to throw a lot of stuff in there before it gets full.

-  Now go to the Six Fishes, as you enter the building, you may hear the sound of wood chimes. Walk straight ahead and there, to the left of the bar, against the wall, you'll find the luggage – with all your stuff.

-  That's the way luggage works – it just show up in places. It particularly likes pubs – like all pubs in Vvardenfell. It also likes the Mages Guild (if you're a member) and if you have a great house stronghold, it should feel right at home there too. But not the wilderness, and not Ashlander camps, for some reason.

-  Note that luggage only plays the chimes when it arrives – if it was already there, it won't make any sound. Also, there's no guarantee that it will be close enough to your entry point for you to hear the chimes when you arrive. You may have to look around for a bit – especially in dark Telvanni pubs.

Note that: Unlike some other moving containment systems, you do not have to do anything special after reloading a game. (My thanks to BungaDunga for mentioning "fixme" when I asked him about his transportable containers.)


Mystica: Icarian Flight

-  Now, from Ebonheart, head to Vivec using Icarian Flight

-  (If you haven't yet used the Test Journal to activate Icarian Flight, do so now.)

-  Head out to the docks (next to Chun-Ook) so that you have a clear takeoff path.

-  Now use the Aetherius Eye spell to call up Mystica. Select "Icarian Flight", and set the flight level to 4. (If you haven't yet enabled Icarian Flight, use the Test Journal to do so.) If you've got a high level character, with high acrobatics and strength, you may want to set to flight level 2 instead.

-  Now, turn NE and take a running jump forward. Yeeehaaa!! Depending on direction, etc. you'll likely end up in St. Delyn canton. From there, you might want to jump NNW to Hlaalu, then head inside to check your luggage – which you'll find in the Elven Nations Corner Club.


-  Icarian Flight costs 1 diamond per charge. Once you charge it, a timer starts – when the timer runs out, you'll have to recharge it or quit using Icarian Flight.

-  The timer will run for about 12 game hours at flight level 1. At flight level 2, it will run for only 6 hours; and at flight level 6, only 2 hours.

-  However, the timer will pause while: 1) you're indoors, 2) you have some sort of menu open (inventory, dialog, rest), or 3) flight level is set to 0.

-  Icarian Flight does not work in interior cells. (Including Mournhold "exterior" areas which are actually interior cells.

-  If you have a low natural acrobatics, using Icarian Flight will quickly ramp it up. If I had the quest going, I would fix this by not even allowing the player to get Icarian Flight until they had a high natural acrobatics.

Slowfall ruins Icarian Flight Like putting a parachute on Superman – not a good idea!


Travel: Homebound 12/12/2004

-  If you have your great house stronghold...

-  Use the test journal to enable the "Homebound" spell.

-  Then go look for the skull of "Alfred Sea-Lost". If you've completed the appropriate quests, you should find him in: Great House Strongholds, Thirsk Mead Hall, Skaal Village Blodskaal's house, and Raven Rock Factor's Estate.

-  Once you've clicked on Alfred's head, you'll be able to use the Mystica Homebound spell to return to any of your known homes.


Travel Exp: Folm's Recall 12/12/2004

-  If you've made some progress (or completed!) Folms Mirel's Master Index quest, go activate any of the Propylon Pylons. You'll acquire "Folms' Recall" which can be used from anywhere to warp you to the propylon chamber.


Travel Exp: Oneness 12/12/2004

-  If you've completed the Skaal Ritual of the stones, go activate any of the stones. You'll learn "Oneness" which can be used to from anywhere to transport you to any of the ritual stones.


Armor: Ghost Armor 12/12/2004

-  This is still very beta, but it works and allows you to exchange several types of light armor for equivalent "ghost" armors. See the Test Journal for more information.


Base: Remembrance 2/14/2005

-  A new spell that replays game movies, plus remembrance for the the Morrowind main quest movies. Note that you can only replay movies that you've seen before.

-  To access, enable it from the Test Journal, and then cast Aetherius Eye.



-  The following features are new As Far As I Know! But I have not downloaded and tried out hundreds of mods or hung out for months on the forums, so I may well have re-invented the wheel here.

-  That said...


Hierarchical Dialogs

-  You'll notice first with Erika, and then again with the Book and Mystica menus, that the dialogs are hierarchical.

-  I.e., there's a set of topics at the root level, then topics that take you to other nodes with different sets of topics.

-  The obvious advantage of this it allows me to group like dialog topics while avoiding clutter from topics not germane to the current discussion.

-  It also allows me to reuse the (hidden) menu creatures. E.g., the Mystica creature is used by Portal Orbs as well as during regular Mystica contact. E.g., any number of "Mystica" books can be created – aside from the Test Journal – and they can all use the same Book menu creature.


Dynamic Stocking

-  Erika provides dynamic stocking – i.e. she only display and hid items as you request.

-  There are a couple advantages to this:

-  Erika is able to act as a one stop shop, while avoiding the clutter of having tons of items on display at once.

-  This allows clothing vendors to place items in the game without actually placing any references into the game – thus avoiding the risk of doubling.

-  Disadvantages:

-  Modder has to write scripts and dialog to place items.

-  Player has to click through "..New" to get topics to shop up.

-  Net/net this seems to be a cleaner solution.


Mystica Menu

-  Scripting offers huge options for modifying the world, but it can be a hassle to give the player access to those options – especially if those options are complicated. And it's even more of a hassle to expand those options (e.g, add a new travel destination, etc.)

-  The Mystica menu provides an easily accessible interface to any number of scripts, and can be expanded (by completely separate modules) simply by adding appropriate dialog entries.

-  And again, hierarchical dialogs allow you to re-use the menu for other purposes. (E.g., transport orbs.)


Book Menu

-  Same advantages for Mystica menu – just the name of the creature is more appropriate. Compared to regular books, you lose formatting and pictures, but gain the ability to make the content dynamic (topic entries appear and change) and active (topic entries initiate action – as with the Test Journal.)




-  Mods that have dialog entries that don't respect "nolore"

-  E.g., Dracandros Voice.

-  Nothing will crash, but these topics will show up in all of Erika's menu trees, which is annoying and breaks the mood.

-  Note that even some standard Morrowind topics have this problem: e.g., 'Solstheim'.

-  If people find this a problem, I'll see if I can release my nolore patches. (I'd have to clean it up a bit first, which would take a while.)

-  Silaria's UCM Skirts 1.00

-  This mod was quite dirty (created before there was such an awareness of cleaning in the community). I've fixed all that, but it's possible that if you go from the original esp, to this esp there will be problems. I think things will be fine, but you might (in particular) get a problem with Sadrith Mora, Volmyi Dral's House (which got renamed/deleted) and maybe with Arrille's Tradehouse (lots of object touched by UCM skirts mod).


Extensions [Mine]

-  I personally have a couple of extensions in the work:

-  Travel extensions for Bloodmoon, Tribunal, Firemoth and Master Index.

-  Luggage extensions for Bloodmoon and Tribunal.


Extensions [Yours?]

-  As mentioned above, this release was specifically designed to be extendable by other modders. Extension is not trivial, but it's not hellish either.

-  If you're interested in doing this, contact me, and I'll doc what to do, and how to stay within the "rules" of Mystica.

-  Travel/Luggage extensions

-  Homebound spell to take you to your spiffy mansion or humble abode. (Very easy to do – basically just a script and a dialog entry.)

-  Luggage extension – bring luggage to your mansion. Pretty easy – copy a luggage positioner and modify the positioning script.

-  Portal Orb extension. Moderately complicated (two scripts, dialog entry, copied object, determine player teleport position.)

-  Mystica Extensions

-  Virtually any scripted spell...

-  Play movies. (Very easy to do.)

-  Change region weather. (Easy if you have a change weather script.)

-  Etc.

-  Book Extensions:

-  A Level/Skill book to allow the player to re-level and/or reorient their character. (Gotten too uber? Level down!)

-  An alchemical recipes book to allow the player to: make standard potions, bombs, enchanted arrows, special effect potions, etc.

-  A scouts books that gives a brief description and location for each cave, etc. visited by the player. (Visited some cave once, but now forget where it was? The book will tell you.)

-  A trainers guide. Like the scouts book, but keeps a record of which trainers you've visited – so you know who they are and where to find them later.


Modder Resources

-  Wrye Base provides several additional resources that modders may find useful...



-  iChoice

-  Help chronologically order entries in choices when doing info dumps.

Be sure to reset to zero when you're done with it.

-  iTrue

-  Always true, sometimes useful (e.g., for disabling dialog entries without deleting them.)

-  wr_num_load

-  The number of the current load. Useful for telling you if the player has reloaded.

-  Is set incremented by startscript wr_numSS, so number is not guaranteed to be correct until wr_numSS stops running.

-  wr_num_aNN

-  Mod24 based frame counter, useful for dialogs as semi-random number.

-  wr_num_bNNNN:

-  Mod 20, 100, 1000 frame counters. Useful for improving script performance.

-  wr_utilsCellHasWater

-  Tells you whether or not cell has water.

-  But not always reliable in interior cells.

-  Requires that wr_utilsCellHasWaterGS script be running.

-  wr_utilsPCAction

-  For swimming, moving, etc.

-  Requires that wr_utilsPCActionGS script be running.


Deep Containers

-  Deep and empty. Sure you could make your own, but if these do the job...


Util Scripts

-  wr_genBlockedLS

-  Blocked door that rattled.

-  wr_genNoloreActionLS

-  Just defines the variables. For nolore NPC.

-  wr_genNoloreStateLS

-  Just defines the variables. For nolore NPC.


Util Mod

GMST Vaccine

-  Exactly the same as Manauser's GMST-Fix, except the date is early instead of late. This is for modders, not players!

-  To use, just load this up whenever you're building a mod not based on Bloodmoon. Its presence will prevent any GMSTs from being added to your esp, and since it's not a master file, you don't have to remove a master dependency.

-  Note that GMST-Fix can be used in exactly the same way. Only diff is that you may find GMST Vaccine slightly easier to use because it appears at the top of the Data Files dialog instead of at the bottom.

-  Note also that because its date is early, it won't fix mods with incorrect GMSTs that load after it. But I figure that you're just better off cleaning the bogus GMSTs from those mods. After all some mods intentionally change GMST settings (e.g., my "Wrye Patches G").


Clothing Mods

-  As I mentioned before these clothing esps all replace the esps of their corresponding mods, but do not provide the meshes, etc. So you'll need to install the original mod first, then select my esp instead of theirs.

-  Compatibility should not be a problem except possibly with Silaria's Skirts mod which was quite dirty (e.g., it deleted a cell in Sadrith Mora).

-  I've also renamed mods in following way: Author Mod W [BB] Version. Why? Because I'm anal! The 'W' indicates indicates that it's based on Wrye base, BB indicates better bodies. I've also tried to keep the names relatively short.


Bar Dresses W BB [Baratheon]

-  Baratheon: Tight dresses.

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme. (see below)


Cali Clothing W

-  Calislahn: Matching ladies suits and accessories.

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.


Cali Dresses W BB v2

-  Calislahn: Tight dresses.

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.


Drakron Maid W BB

-  Drakron: Breton Maid

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.

-  Removed vendor Anna from six fishes (too anachronistic).


Durgoth Boots W BB 1/28/2005

-  As of Wrye Mash 0.02, Durgoth's Thigh High Boots 2.0 is required.

-  My esp vs. Durgoth's Thigh Boots 2.0 esp:

-  Boots added to Erika's outlet

-  Renamed for sorting simplicity.

-  Tweaked price, quality, and armor characteristics for standardization and naming simplicity.

-  Durgoth's three vendors not included.

-  If you want vending through both Erika and Durgoth's vendors:

-  Load both esps.

-  But the load order will determine the names and qualities of the boots. If you want my names and qualities, then reset the modification date of Durgoth's "Thigh High Boots 2.0.esp" to earlier than my "Durgoth Boots W BB.esp". (Note that this can be done easily in Wrye Mash.)


Durgoth Briefs W 1.3

-  Durgoth: Tops+Slips

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.

-  Used "Briefs" to cover both tops and bottoms, because, well... even the tops are "brief"! And that gets everything to sort together in inventory.

-  Deleted Seyda Neen crate.



-  Lord Alt Tab: Stockings and Boots

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.

-  Fixed Ghorak Manor door.


Lillia Clothing W 12/12/2004

-  Lillia: Robes

-  Lillia: Garb

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.

-  Made all robes the same quality.

-  Remove robes from Bivale Teneran.

-  Add all to Vivec, Tailors and Dyers Hall


Sils Clothing W BB v1.2

-  Silaria: Tops, vests, pants, gloves for BB and general.

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.


Sils Skirts W 1.00

-  Silaria: UCM Skirts

-  Added to Erika's Outlet.

-  Changed to new naming scheme.

-  Fixed two switched icons.

Extensive Cleaning!

-  Removed rename/deletion of Sadrith Mora house.

-  Removed all changes to NPCs.

-  However, completely replicated original clothing vendor distribution by leaving/fixing clothing vendor chests.


Note: New Naming Scheme

-  Beginning in Wrye Patches, I renamed clothing, keys, armor, weapons, books, scrolls etc. in order to improve the way items are accessed in inventories and spell menus, fix inconsistencies and improve esthetics. Here, I've extended those changes to these plugins.

-  The best way to understand and appreciate these changes is to load the mods up and check them out. For example, go visit Silaria's clothing vendor under the overhang tent above Gnisis and barter with her. Essentially, with these name changes, like items group with like items.

-  Philosophy:

-  Clothing modders typically name their creations very descriptively (e.g., red silk dress, black leather dress).

-  Unfortunately, the effect of this is to spread the items all over the inventory/container/barter window – which makes it hard to find and/or compare items.

-  A better solution is to use names that are just distinct enough to cause like items to group together – and then let the icons differentiate the items.

-  So, my message to clothing modders: You've done an awesome job creating the clothing – now let the artwork speak for itself. (Which it does – beautifully. Check out Silaria's icons – they're great!)

-  I know that I've tweaked people's creations here, but I hope that this doesn't cause offense. These are all awesome sets of clothing, and I much appreciate having it in the game.



0-08 Misc.

Wrye Base

-  Moved racecheck stuff to +Races.esp.

-  Improved Aetherius Eye cast FX. Now, generates floating orb.

-  Added "Scout's Eye" – but no activator yet.


0-07 Misc.

Wrye Base

-  Moved racecheck stuff to +Races.esp.


0-04 WML License 10/14/2005

-  Release under WML license.


0-03 Minor Fixes 3/13/2005

Wrye Base: Compatibility Fix

-  Worked around mod conflict with LGNPC Ald'ruhn by making the Test Rocks in Seyda Neen persistent. This change will probably not cause problems with your save game. However, if you have Wrye Mash available, it is recommended that you run "Repair Refs" on your save file.

Wrye Base: Remembrance

-  Added remembrance mystica spell, plus Morrowind remembrance to Wrye Base.

Wrye Base: Water Detection

-  Water detection in interior cells has improved. (Problem is that Morrowind sometimes fails to fire cellChanged when teleporting to interior cells. CellHasWater has a workaround for this.)

Wrye Luggage: First Load

-  Luggage was being misplaced first time after loading. This seems to be fixed now.


-  Spellchecked dialog in all mods. (Thanks to new dialog export/import features of Wrye Mash!)

Dialog Placeholder

-  Pointless nitpicking... All mods were using the 'a shady smuggler' NPC for dialog marker entries (e.g., "WRYE BASE"). Now, mods use the 'dialog placeholder' which seems to be the "correct" NPC for this sort of thing.

-  Again, used Wrye Mash for this. (Or more accurately, a small script in mish.py.)


0-02 Minor Fixes and Additions 1/28/2005

Version Numbering

-  Version numbers now appear only in the descriptions.

Wrye Base

-  Water detection has been improved. Users will get a one-time warning on script variables, but this can be safely ignored.

-  In addition, support for RaceHeight global has been added. (This affects water sensing and may have other uses.)

-  See Setting PCRace and PCSex and Is there a GetEncumbrance or Weight...

Wrye Armor

-  Disable armor tests that gave you all armor pieces!

Wrye Travel

-  Test Journal: Test: Add Locations now disabled.

-  Portal Orb travel to Suran and Ghostgate now works.

-  Mash would sometimes consume two racer plumes per trip. This is fixed.

Wrye Travel Exp

-  Update journal entry.

Durgoth Boots W

-  Now requires models from Durgoth Boots 2.0.

-  Durgoth's two new platform boots now available from Erika's Outlet.


0-01 Additions and Fixes 12/12/2004


-  Add: Lillia Clothing W.esp

-  Add: Durgoth Boots W.esp

Wrye Base

-  Delete vestigial globals and scripts.

-  Move all travel stuff to Wrye Travel.

Wrye Travel

-  Prevent Portal Orbs from doubling.

-  Any doubling that you see will fix itself in next save/load.

-  Homebound locations now must be activated by clicking on Alfred's Skull(s)!

Wrye Travel Exp

Requires: Tribunal, Bloodmoon, Bethesda Master Index.

-  Also, works with Firemoth, but I think that you'll be okay if you don't have Firemoth loaded.

-  New Homebound Locations: Raven Rock, Skaal Village, Thirsk

-  New Portal Orbs: Tribunal, Bloodmoon, Firemoth

-  Folm's Recall: Teleport directly to Propylon chambers!

-  Oneness: Teleport directly to Skaal ritual stones.

Wrye Armor

-  Invisible armor. Great for viewing your better body/clothes!

-  Access mechanism is minimal, but works fine and is balanced.

-  Read the entry in the Test Journal for more info.


0-00 Initial Release


Reuse and Credits

License: WML 1.0 Modify and Redistribute, Share Alike

-  You are free to redistribute this work in unmodified form.

-  You are free to modify and re-distribute this work, so long as you: 1) give the author credit proportional to their contribution to the final work, 2) distribute the final work under the same terms, and 3) make artistic resources included with the final work available under the same terms as below.

-  Artistic resources (meshes, textures, sounds, etc.) included with this work may be included in unmodified form with modified versions of this work, so long as their authors are given credit proportional to their contribution to the final work. Note that artistic resources may not be modified, or extracted from this work, unless permission is given elsewhere.



-  While the license above allows open distribution and modification, the following courtesies are requested...

-  Please don't redistribute this mod unless it become unavailable from Wrye Morrowind.

-  Before making/releasing a modified version of this mod, please check with me (Wrye at Elder Scrolls Forum). If I'm not available, check the community to see if someone else has taken over the job. If not, then feel free!



-  Silaria for clothing collection. Just downloaded Sils Clothing Vendor last night. Incredible! Skirts are great too!

-  Better Bodies team... of course. Game wouldn't be nearly as... interesting without their awesome work.

-  Ditto for all the head producers. Again, these make the game massively more playable.

-  Armies of fellow modders, modelers, people on forums, people hosting sites, etc. I hope this counts as some payback for your work.



-  For discussion of Wrye mods, etc., visit Elder Scrolls forums. My id there is "Wrye".

-  Also see, release thread link at top of document.